Friday, 18 May 2012

Mr Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and a grumpy gnarled bitter and twisted cynic

Today was yet another grey day on the Welsh English borders and so to liven things up a bit myself and the Ghost Writer did a roll reversal, where I went to the Grey office to fix PC’s and he went to school to do my school work. We look remarkably similar, me a young bouncy chirpy, mildly eccentric child of cyberspace and the Ghost Writer, an Old Grumpy gnarled bitter and twisted cynic of everything. 

I got on remarkably well and managed fix at least five different problems with everyone commenting on how cheery and bouncy the IT man was today. When I met up with the Ghost Writer at tea time he was telling me that the headmaster said to him “Rob what’s the problem, you are like a bear with a sore head” to which the Ghost Writer said “O yes and just were does that saying come from its stupid, how does anyone know the bear has a sore head.  It might just be grumpy; as far as I know bears are just grumpy anyway”.

The Ghost Writer said he would have got away with being grumpy if the headmaster had not then asked him “And where is your homework Rob”………… ……….. ………… ……… AH yes I never told the Ghost Writer he had homework to do, so after the Ghost Writer had written one thousand times I MUST REMEMBER TO DO MY HOMEWORK he was even more grumpy.

The Ghost Writer did say he found a worm on the headmaster’s computer and he got rid of it for him (Once an IT man always an IT man). I did ask if he found the worm in a glass jar on top of the headmasters computer with a label on the front saying Bernard the Worm and he say ……………”AH, yes”…….. Mum has called him an IDIOT.

I am off now to carry on with you know what …….The Cardboard Olympian.

Ooooooooooo  yes one other thing, that Mr Mark Zuckerberg is now very very rich where as before he was just very very rich. Everyone has rushed off to buy shares in Facebook because it is free to join but is due to make a fortune because no one reads the advertising...... No its true I am on FB and I don't have a clue what adverts are on my page. They say that all that money will not make him happy, but I think he will be very very happy because as far as I can see he has sold half of something  that I estimate to be worth about the same as my blog for quite a lot of money. If anyone would like to buy my blog for a large some of money well it is not for sale because I am me and I feel someone has to point out money is not what is important (Yes Yes I know it is a bit important but that is the fault of society).  We are all at the end of the day just capital B*****************s



  1. Yes Rob You are You (And may you always remain so).

    1. That is very kind of you to say so, I do plan to remain me. It is the rebel soul in me which just will not go away.

    2. That's almost Byronic.

    3. Many people think I'm Bionic.....

      The comparison is greatly appreciated