Wednesday, 29 February 2012

29th Feb 2012 the launch of Britain’s first manned flight into space

Please note this is not a fake picture I took it as I said today

We are out for a meal in a bit, what with it being leap year and today is that extra day. It sounds great an extra day, only its an extra school day so I am still pondering whether I end up just doing one more day at school. Still it was an interesting day as Esmeralda with assistance from class 16AB+ celebrated the 29th Feb with the launch of Britain’s first manned flight into space. Well I say manned because as everyone pointed out the school mascot, the Goat is the same weight as a man.

I even got a fairly good photograph of the rocket as it was approaching the height to jettison the boaster jets required for takeoff. Thanks to the mathematics teachers it was worked out they would fall to earth in Mr Evans the farmer’s field which they did, it was unfortunate that the sheep were standing where they were at the time. But on the bright side it was roast lamb and crackling for lunch YUM, although the slight aroma of aviation fuel did put some of the girls off.

The flight was going well right up to the point that mission control, the geography class said to the goat have you read the manual yet. Even I knew that was a mistake the goat only knows a few words and red is one of them. So it hit the red button and the next thing you know, we see the goat quietly parachuting into the fresh vegetables section of the out of town supermarket (again). Still although the goat did not make it into space and the US air force shot down the rocket for infringing USA airspace, it appears the Goat now holds the world record height attained by a goat in a rocket.

The Lemming of Petrograd have had a great day they love leap years and have celebrated in the traditional lemming way. They love a great party of leaping off things after a few Russian vodka’s but as mum says they will regret it in the morning. Still they have four years to recover.

Oooooo by the way I got to saw a 25ft tree down, yes I know sawing down trees sounds bad but it was growing into some power lines and everyone thought who is stupid enough to try and saw that down. So I thought WELL COOL, anyway it was only 25,000 volts or was it 250,000 volts?

It was a nice day for a leap year


  1. If you would have asked me ahead of time I could have told you that girls don't care care for rocket fuel, and they will usually say "ick" to sulfuric acid, but they seem to be at one with ace-t-one. (Fingernail polish remover)

    Congratulations on the manned space flight.

    1. Many many many years ago so the Ghost Writer has told me, he used to use loads of acetone in his research lab but he never wore fingernail polish.

  2. I love anything to do with space travel. I sometimes think that I was born in the wrong era...people are generally so blase about space travel now.

    1. Hi Miss Stephanie, you are right no one thinks about just how perilous space travel is, mankind has stretched its technology to achieve the equivalent of the Wright brothers in terms of space travel.

      Star Trek is a long way off yet, Channel 6 as it happens and I don't have a TV and you cant get further away than that.