Friday, 22 February 2013

−273.15°C (Absolute Zero) an Orange and a Long Journey

We have arrived at the end of the week, the end of the half term holidays and I am sure it is getting cooler as time passes not warmer, I think the fact that some Ski school in the foot hills of Birmingham is sending dad large sums of money may be a factor in all this cold weather; that and some deal he has going on with the local coal man makes me think it is all very suspicious indeed. 

One thing I don’t think I have mentioned yet in my diary which has been happening for a while now the occasional orange turning up on the grass verge at the side of the road I noticed one today outside the Castle of the Bishop, there it was just sort of sat there minding its own business.  It is strange because this is a regular occurrence and sometimes I can see two are three by the side of the road but never together or in the same place, and this has gone on for a least a year now.  While we were out at the Castle of the Bishop getting things we also saw Mexican Dave and his large truck which was sort of blocking the road but only so he could unload a large consignment of fresh oranges which he was in the process of doing using a fork lift truck when we arrived at Tough Harries Inn to get our provisions. It is not often I get waved at by someone in a fork lift.

 There is much to be done outside but as we appear to be in the middle of a mini ice age much of it is not getting done. There is a point (temperature) at which things get slower, I am working on a theory that time might even be temperature dependent and at some point, maybe at a temperature of −273.15°C or lower time will in fact stop. There is much talk that absolute zero is the point at which things cant get colder but by adding a wind chill effect it is possible to create a temperature that feels colder than −273.15°C (Absolute Zero) They are always saying on the BBC weather that it will be round about freezing tomorrow but with wind chill it will feel more like -3 so by using a super cooled conductors and a wind machine dad and I have worked out that we can stop time in his garage.

Stopping time in dads garage may seem silly but as dad says people often look in the garage windows and it appears he is not doing anything but he can now tell them why it is; time in the garage is moving much slower, and that in reality dad is working very fast but from the outside it will look like he is having a sleep and supping tea, it also explains his silly woolly hats.

Right I need to warn you I have to go on a long journey tomorrow to a place called something like Molten Beans to see a man about certain things that involve things I don’t know about because I have not been told, I have been offered fish and chips and that is good enough for me and I am hoping a place (Plaice HAH HAHh hah haha hahahahha haha hah ahhaha ha ) called Molten Beans is warmer that Absolute Zero.  But this means I will not be here tomorrow night, other people will, people who do not write a diary so as my technology is large and lumpy there will be no diary entry tomorrow. It you are reading this tomorrow, then I mean today, and if you are reading this after tomorrow I should be back and normality returned has returned to normal . . . . . . If it has not then . . . . . . . . . AH  



  1. I genuinely love the idea of temperature affecting time. It sound plausible and requires further research i'm sure.
    Good luck in Molten Beans and your secretive mission. Don't let any Russian spies grab at your briefcase or attack you with poisoned umbrellas.


      I have added this link. I found the night AFTER I wrote the above link.
      They are all quite interesting little articles, but I think you will find the 4th one of particular/peculiar interest.


    2. I think I should become a mad scientist Mr H because I appear to be at the cutting edge of science. Not only have I worked out on my own that it is possible to create a temperature below absolute zero, and of course I did say things could go faster than the speed of light long before anyone else. But Mr ESB has discovered a time bubble interaction between our blogs in the fabric of cyberspace.

      It would be a real plus for us RATs if we can prove that time can be stopped in cyberspace because that must be really useful for something. . . .

  2. I have broken TIme recently. Split it actuaLLy. TI+me. Thats because I (me) have been working heavily with my TI-89 calculator. I have worked with liquid nitrogen quite often but I think that is about as cold as I have been close to. Back in college at the research lab we had a device that used liquid helium but I was not actuaLLy involved doing eXperiments in that room even though it was under control from my research advisor. You wiLL be terribly, or at least semi-terribly missed tomorrow, or rather it is already today at your place but I think you might stiLL be asleep. I hope your spring starts soon. It has been cold and snowy here this weeek but it wiLL be gone soon. Even yesterday it was veRy bright yesterday and several degrees below freezing BUT water was stiLL dripping from the roof making the step veRy dangerous. I survived. Oops, I must go, lack of electricity ....

    1. In the light of your bubble effect Mr ESB I find your reference to broken time rather interesting and well spooky. Us RATs (as I have said to Mr H above) are right at the cutting edge of science, in fact it is a place we appear to be unable to escape from . . . . I just need to learn to spell and type better to perfect a good theory of everything