Monday, 11 February 2013

The Pope, God and Elvis

It is a strange world we live in there I was wondering about what to write about when in general things have been normal-ish (excuse the bad typing I have cold hands and cant type at the best of times) and as predicted the world was covered in snow and ice outside but not nice snow and ice, so no snow zombies today.  And as I have complained endlessly about weather I will be good and not mention a word about it today . . . . . . AH DAMN.

So just for a change I thought I would look at the news because one of those little events has happened today that does not happen very often, in fact roughly about once every six hundred years I think; yes Pope Ben has resigned. This is a tricky thing to do when you are as they say the number two after the big man himself God, putting your resignation in writing to God is seriously tricky. It reminds me of that very popular song often played at funerals “Return to Sender” by the King himself, ELVIS . . . . WOW it is not often I get to talk about The Pope, God and Elvis all at the same time…

So Why you are thinking has this happened, as I have already said to my good friend Mr H, God moves in mysterious ways and as we get old so do we, it is well known that the elderly do all sorts of strange things; in fact the point comes where God moving in a mysterious way is less mysterious than the elderly moving about in a mysterious way, not an ideal position to be in if you are a Pope. And the result of all this is the Pope and God end up moving so mysteriously that they never get to meet. So the Pope has probably thought to himself where’s that God gone I'm sure he was here earlier.  

I was also somewhat bemused by the BBC news feed on their web site that said “Live: Pope resigns”  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Surely it is not just me who thinks hang on if he was dead he would not be able to resign.

While I was reading the BBC news web site I also saw the following . . . . .  Beef products 'pose no health risk', well we all know that, what most people wish to know is whether horse products are safe. Actually while on the subject of those dodgy food items I noticed they showed one on the TV yesterday after it was cooked and to tell the truth it looked awful. This you see brings us to a rather important point about the meat in these cheap convenient foods, the meat in them is that reconstituted stuff and may not be meat as such, more eyeballs, ears, bits of skin and various other things turned into a sort of slurry and then made to look like meat as you and I think of it. So some sort of real meat even in the form of a horse may not be a bad thing unless of course you are a horse…

I better go its somehow got late not sure how But I was drumming earlier and jolly good it was too.

Oooooooo yes I was able to take a photo of a tree this morning but not the Pope God or Elvis  . . . . .sorry.



  1. Now wouldn't that be a dinner party. The pope, God and Elvis.

    I wonder if he had to give the obligatory 14 days notice, to the Almighty. And what qualifications does one need for the position of pope? Is there's a youth training scheme that can help, or can you find it on Job Search? :)

    1. You need to be good at Latin to be a Pope and like waving to folk from a balcony. It may well be that they may require the next Pope to be able to Samba putting the South Americans in a strong position. ......

  2. A thought has just struck me. If the pope is able to resign, does that mean he had to sign a contract of employment? Did he have annual leave, like bank holidays and Christmas? did he get time and a half on christmas day when he did he speeches? What about a pension scheme or a union?
    A union of popes would be quite the thing i would imagine.
    I can picture them on the picket line with placards chanting chants about how they want more big hats and communion wine and things.

    1. Your right Mr H a union would be useful because I don't think he gets a pension as such in fact you could say he gets NUN (HAH HAHAHHAH HAHHHAH ahha hah hahah hahah haahah ha hah ah ahha hha)

      and he would be able to chant

      What do we want more Popes when do we want them Now.....

      I hope you realise that if the catholic church have got all this God thing right when we queue up to get into haven we will get a little tap on the shoulder and a little voice will say excuse me sir could you stand over here for a few minutes while we check the paperwork.

    2. It'll be okay. I know a guy knows a guy who says he can get us all in, as long as we arrive on a thursday after 5pm.
      Just ask for Judas at the door.
      Only cost me 30 pieces of silver - BARGIN!

  3. Replies
    1. It does have a sort of gravitas to it and would be an excellent title for a movie, Now all I need to do is work out the plot and tell that nice man Mr S.

    2. I agree about the gravy toss. I just wasn't sure how God felt about being in the second position. In other pressing matters, my bowl of cereal, Frosted Flakes, appears to have worked successfuLLy this time. A few days ago it seemed to tear up the roof of my mouth. There were other corn chips involved as weLL, with salsa. I should reaLLy go drive in the snow. It has been faLLing for several hours straight.