Monday, 12 November 2012

The Wild Beasts of the Hallway

 Heavy Harry the Cat is off to the vet’s first thing in the morning provided we can get through the general chaos of the roadwork’s and the convoy system that is in place through Churchstoke, to have his teeth cleaned and de-scaled.  This in itself is not a problem but he was not allowed to eat as from six o’clock this evening because they need to sort of knock him out with a jab of some sort.  Heavy Harry the Cat does not like having to starve so in order to be fair to all the animals are now banned from eating until Heavy Harry the Cat is in his travel cage and chained down. So tonight in the house there is a selection of hungry wild animals with nothing to eat except a large fly in the hallway and humans while they sleep. This means we have all got lot to lock ourselves into our bedrooms and barricade the door so we do not wake up with missing arms and legs.

Also tonight myself and my drumming colleague have taken our first tentative steps into recording ourselves and doing a little bit of multi-tracking, this was very much experimental and we have a long way to go yet to get everything sounding like it should, but we were pleased with the outcome. The next thing we need to do is sort out software on an old PC and set up various other old and rickety bits of equipment, so that we can then put our efforts out into the vast voids of cyberspace so everyone can shout RUBBISH at us.

OK this is about it for tonight as there are animals prowling about and getting twitchy plus a very large fly is messing with my typing, I hate it when they do that.

Good night and with luck I will not be eaten tonight……



  1. Good luck with not being eaten. That looks like one hungry cat! It's more than likely that you know more about these than I do but I have always liked using Audacity for recording and mixing on a pc. its free and quite simple to use (well, simple enough for a simpleton like me!)
    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with and I will defiantly not be shouting RUBBISH!

    1. The cat has now been taken to the vet, we will contact them later about him returning. Hopefully he will be happy, although that is a long shot as he is the grumpiest cat we have ever owned.

      I can multi-track myself OK but have always had problems getting things from disk or tape to the internet. With luck I will manage it this time as all my electronics finally have a permanent home after several years of moving about, they are however very very old.

      I will look up Audacity I like the sound of simple.