Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Haunted Computer and the Lay Lines

My djembe playing did not entirely work as planned last night so dad  has gone outside to start up his weather machine on the grounds that it cant make things any worse than they already are. I have requested a nice warm sunny day. I think we all need a nice warm sunny dry day because it has been a while to say the least. The present weather appears to have made our cats go mad, and they are turning to food as a substitute for the sun.

The Ghost Writer has turned into a zombie and is going AAAAuuuugggghhhh a lot, not because of the weather although that is not helping, but because he has spent the day in a very long meeting being good and not talking about computers even though he has ended up with another computer in the back of his car. They then end up here because according to the Ghost Writer, the Lay Line configuration is such that our garage is the perfect place to put old dead computers as a computer is an energy receptive device, so once it is sitting in the energy field of the lay line it will re-energise, and after a time work again. Mum says that the Ghost Writer has nowhere else to store all the old computers that quite frankly need to be disposed of, and all this talk of energy energising the computer is because the Ghost Writer is an IDIOT.

I wonder if it is possible to get a haunted computer. I have quickly checked this in cyberspace and it appears that the evidence is all a bit sketchy indeed, but fundamentally there are loads of them . . . . . I think it may be a lay line issue, I must check with the Ghost Writer although mum says IDIOT again.

OK that’s it I am going now because it is sort of late and I think my PC might be haunted by the spirit of an old Sinclair ZX-81 walking the voids of its dual core processor shouting Pong and going bleep. 



  1. I noticed that the mouse in your picture is for a left handed person, or else it is a reflection in a mirror. I searched for Ted and computer but only found references to the uppercase TED talks.

    1. I am a left handed person although I do use a mouse right handed, the great advantage to this is I can write and use a mouse at the same time. But I find that this splitting my mind to do these two things results in me writing rubbish. . . . . . . . AH, yes I do write rubbish anyway even if I am not using a mouse.

      I have looked at the TED talks and feel that what they need is me to talk to then in a happy friendly way about things that they would not normally talk about.

      In fact what they need to do is invite the Radical Abstract Things (RATs) along

    2. I love those TED talks. Theres a brilliant one of a guy who can do sums faster than a calculator. amazing stuff.

      I too am left handed. This would seem to differ from the norm of society - but I guess that's how things should be.

    3. So far at least 50% of RATs are left handed . . . . . . I think that says a lot?