Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Comet Store did good

The Start of the day was a bit of a shock to the system as we all had to be up bright and early (before 7.00am . . . . .O my god)  because the Washing Machine and Tumble Drier were due from very very early in the morning to very very later at night. Rather a large window of time, and as the small print says if no one is in then they will not return ever, even if you plead and say nice things. It was also grey with cold wet drizzle falling so looked horrible like the darkest moments of winter.

As the day progressed it became very sunny and the birds sang and all was well and things were looking like it would be OK, but then it got grey and started to get darker and no sign of a washing machine or tumble drier. It was not looking good; my bet with the dog was at risk, the dog was feeling very positive indeed, so I phoned Comet again to see what was happening and to my surprise a man answered and was rather upbeat about it all and said I would win my bet, maybe, sort of . . . . . . . AH ……

Then about half past three a man on a mobile phone rang and said ……. “hel……0 this is………..t we ar……………15……….e ……….but……… so………………. It………bad………ine”

Then they arrived with a washing machine and a tumble drier and were friendly and chirpy, did their bit and then ran away again as they still had another three washing machines to fit before dark, bearing in mind it was already getting dark. They say Comet is trying to do its best to supply everything although there will be no home delivery service in a few days so they could well be made redundant very soon, so being as chirpy as they were was a surprise really.

Anyway the key issue in all this is that I have won my bet with the dog and he owed me loads of money, well he did until we did double or nothing on a game of Paper, Scissors, Stone . . . . . . . . AH that was a bit of an error. So I now owe the dog 500 large bones and a jar of peanut butter. And to make matters worse all my clothes are going to be put in the washing machine to make them smell nice apparently. . . . . . . .. YUCK.

Still on the positive side I now have somewhere to hide when the End of the Earth arrives next year when the other Comet hits the planet. 



  1. I am -so- disappointed, I thought you were buying a real comet. WeLL, I am now only half as disappointed after realizing that you got two non-comets.

    My mother showed up today and saw the pineapple plantation, and she wants the youngest plant. I eXplained how your plant right neXt to it is British soil, part of the Kingdom of Rob. BUT ... eXciting news! The youngest pineapple plant is actuaLLy starting to grow off the side of the oldest plant, I just discovered it when I was showing them to my mom, so technicaLLy I have SIX pineapple plants now, I think. Unless the new growth is just where a new pineapple fruit is starting, the big unknown.

    1. I am glad that your pineapples are doing so well I think here in the UK the weather and the poor quality of pineapples means they are very hard to grow.

      As for the Comet I am sorry about that, a real comet would be lovely but I believe Comets are fundamentally made of ice so I could raid the freezer or even make my own comet. In fact making a Comet could work it would be a Comet that is in geostationary orbit 3 foot above the earth rotating in a space in a freezer, rather than just space.

    2. I think I figured out something. If MI5 is for things internal, and MI6 is for things eXternal, then MI5.5 is the border patrol?