Sunday, 25 November 2012

The film re-enactment of The Shining starring James Dean as a giant

This morning started as a lovely day, the sun shining and blue skies. So I was talked into doing another film re-enactment of that popular film ‘The Shining’ with what’s his name, you know the bloke who did the western ‘High Noon’, or was it ‘A Fistful of Dollars’. . . . . .Kirk Douglas. Anyway I was a little annoyed after, because I discovered that in fact The Shining is not a film about a happy go lucky smiling window cleaner and his mop.

I had even done a really good job of cleaning the windows too, making sure there were no streaks or missed bits, I don’t think the chap in the Shining would have done such a good job of cleaning the windows, or Kirk Douglas for that matter. I was wrong about Kirk Douglas; I think it may have been the man from All Along the Waterfront  . . . . . James Dean, no hang on that’s the Jimi Hendrix song I mean ‘On The Waterfront’  where James Dean plays a rebellious giant because he has not got a giant's causeway like other giants.

It then went cold and cloudy and starting raining so that well and truly stopped any window cleaning and I resorted to prodding invisible jellyfish that were floating about in the room singing songs about alien penguins. I then had to go and hide because apparently it was annoying everyone else, but that is only because they could not see the invisible jellyfish so I pocked at a computer for a bit then said hello to Miss Sally and Mr Dom and then ate food and then wrote my diary. Then I mmmmmmmmm I don’t know, as I have not done it yet.  

Oooooo one of my blog friends said celebrities on twitter are rubbish with over inflated egos, I think he may be mostly right…… I say mostly because I’m not HAHAHAHAHH HAHHAH Hah aha hahah hahh hah ah hahahahahah hah hahahha . . . . . . . AAH mum has said IDIOT now.



  1. I have spent most of the day in bed because this damned cold wont leave me alone. I dont know why germs attach themselves to me. Im not interesting or have any fancy bits that might appeal to germs (that i know of) I managed to craw out of bed at lunch and after emptying all the bins on site have done nothing else but sit infront of the 'pooter moaning.... becasue i'm ill. and thats what you do when your ill.
    Of course, i moan when im fit and healthy as well, but i tend to cough and sneeze more when i moan when im ill....
    coff coff....

    1. Man flu Mr H, what you have is Man Flu it is terrible and can lay a man low for ages. I have had Man Flu in the past and it is really really terrible.

      Not a good day to empty bins what with the cold and wet and dull weather but I guess it gives your wife a chance to do the old joke WHERE HAVE YOU BIN . . . . . . . . HAH HAH hahAh hhA HAH HAH HAH HAH HA HAH HA HHAHAH HAHHA HahAH HAH AHA ha ha ha ha ha hah.....

      I know a joke that is even more terrible than man flu

  2. I was curious if there was a movie caLLed 'The Shinning', and google responded with the result from 'The Shining' instead, with a tiny little message, showing results for 'The Shining', did you reaLLy want 'The Shinning' - YES STUPID GOOGLE I wanted The Shinning, now give me The Shinning results! (um, please), so I clicked the link to give me The Double N ShiNNing, but NO, the first result was stiLL a link to the movie The Shining! Oh, this is like getting psychics when I asked for physics. At least I learned there is something with the animated Simpsons caLLed The Shinning.

    1. Yes Google does this to me sometimes it is very annoying, I think Google thinks its being clever. But is does show the difference between human thinking and computer thinking, computers rely logic and sense, which is a very silly thing to do with humans.