Tuesday, 13 November 2012

No one likes an enthusiastic mathematics teacher do they?

Today started with a very early start to the day as we had to leap into action to get Heavy Harry the Cat into his steel travel cage and chained down before he had time to attack, and then get enough food out for the other creatures so they did not chew our arms off. We then had to have Heavy Harry the Cat at the vet before 9.00 am, but when we did get him there on time were told that Heavy Harry was last on the list of Operations. Why do they do that, they do it in hospitals too; you are told ooooooo yes make sure you are here by 9.00am and then after you arrive you find that you are last on the list and will get to see the doctor at 5.00pm because there are ten little old ladies before you, and they are a bit frail. A bit frail? Have you seen them at the hospital café they are always at the front of the queue and get all the best cream buns.

OK not sure what happened there I was talking about the cat who is OK now and back home, we have been told to keep him in tonight but he has insisted on going out so in a game of Paper Scissors Stone I found myself outside in the dark as chaperon to a slightly dozy, grumpy cat.  

 Luckily the Chaos of the convoy system in Churchstoke has vanished overnight and the roads are finally back to normal, which means everyone can drive like mad Looney’s through the little village again, which is good . . . . . .?

I am attempting to assemble a Microsoft Windows 98 computer but it is harder than you think because everything is made these days for Windows 7 so what appears to be easy in fact is a bit of a problem. I could ask the Ghost Writer to help as he is an IT Guru but he is still trying to look posh in his new coat although as many people have pointed out he is a naturally shambolic person whose own family were attempting to clean his shoes with furniture polish on his wedding day and then everyone fell about laughing when he put a suit on.

Meanwhile in school we had mathematics and today studied the mathematical theory of complex ligand- binding systems at equilibrium, well when I say studied we sort of looked dazed and confused and Esmeralda in a desperate attempt to be thrown out of class cut two legs of the desk she was sat at. But it failed miserably because the teacher pulled out a large tin of glue that he kept in the cupboard for such events, it appears it is quite a common thing to happen and then said we could all work on The Interface Crack Problem in Nonhomogeneous Bonded materials such as school desk legs.  Esmeralda of couse could not face this and leapt out of the window and ran off to hide in the school goats hut, where they played poker and ate Lemon Bon Bons until it was dark, when she scurried onto the back of the school bus only to find the mathematics teacher who gave here a rather good article he had found on the internet called Macroscopic pedestrian flow simulation for designing crowd control measures in public transport after special events.
No likes an enthusiastic mathematics teacher do they?


  1. Beyond basic Algebra, I am out of practice. Thankfully, I am adept enough to calculate in my head as well at a rapid and accurate and rapid speed. Kudos to you for keeping on the path of math wizardry.

    As for the vet, my cat loves it. But vets here are as good as real doctors, if not better. And inexpensive. I suppose that's one of the benefits of the Philippines. Cheers.

    1. Vets in the UK are very good but can be a bit expensive, in fact they can be very expensive. But luckily Heavy Harry the Cat just needed his teeth sorting out and they were not as bad as the vet thought they might be.

      I'm sure it must be rather nice to live in the Philippines most of the time, but we are very happy to live in the hills of the Welsh English borders although it is a bit dark and wet at this time of year

      And I do like a little bit of science peculating through the blog when I can add it within the context of the diary.