Sunday, 18 November 2012

Steam Punk soft toys, and gold hidden in hedges

I have had to leave the Ghost Writer locked in the room with the computer because he is still having teething problems with it (why do things have teething problems anyway unless you have teeth it seems a bit odd), I have promised to feed him once he has sorted the computer out a bit. He appears to be gibbering in an inconsiderable way but then he is an IT guru and I am told all IT people talk gibberish at the best of times so I am ignoring him until he has sorted things and I can drum in cyberspace. It was a really lovely day today although it was very very very cold indeed despite all the sun. This has one great advantage, in that the solar panels are making a bit of power on the roof and I think we have generated more power today than we have on any day in nearly the last two weeks, solar panels like being cold unlike me. We have also just had Mr Kris round chatting and he is planning to make steam punk soft toy sort of things, so that will be very cool (that’s cool, as in hay man, wow look at the seagulls? not cold as in Burrrrrrrr), I have promised to find him a few small gears and interesting mechanical bits for his project.

Please note I am having to draw my own drawing now, times are tough 

I did venture out briefly to saw through a couple more branches on the hedge, the thing is just too high in places so needs a bit of work. I quite like doing this ever since I was told by dad that when the garden was the perimeter of the old motte-and-bailey castle just behind us it was very common for the lord of the castle to hide gold in the top of the big hedges. And better still that if I found any gold I could keep it all, sadly so far I have not found any gold but I am still optimistic that I will as the hedges are very overgrow.

I am sure I must have done other stuff but just at present I cant think of what it was so I am running off again now to check on the Ghost Writer, if I don’t watch him he will get distracted and try and escape.



  1. Children of the future may go through a Nuclear Punk stage, just as ancient children of the Iron Age went through a similar Copper Punk, as weLL as Campfire Punk.

    1. When thinking of the strange events associated with Gold Rushs, it is probably a good thing you did not find gold. ActuaLLy, gold is probably almost everywhere in the soil, just at an eXtremely low non-commercially viable for eXtraction level. So if anyone ever asks you what you are doing with a shovel, you can always reply, "Oh, just a little Uranium mining."

    2. Would the uranium be mine HAh hAHHAH HAH AH HAH HAH AHH H HAH AH HA HAH HAhHAH HAH HAH HAH AH HAH HAHH Ahahahah ha. You are quite right about the gold, when you look back through history gold has seldom resulted in a happy ending unless dealt with in very small amounts.

    3. "mine" ... (?) ... oH! "yours<->mine" - hahahahahah ah hahahahahaha w-hole-y fuNNy ... ha ha haha hahaha ... we are soon having shrimp and pasta ... hahahahaha