Saturday, 17 November 2012

Jack Frost and the Banshees, plus other things of importance

 It has been sunny today which is not what was predicted by the weatherman at the BBC, but it has been and still is cold. As it is dark and there is a clear sky I think we can predict that it is very cold, but I will not be going out to investigate, the only good thing about these sorts of nights is they are ideal for banshees, so it would not be entirely surprising to see the occasional banshee passing the window. Well we would if the curtains were open but they are not; but I am sure we will no doubt hear the claws of the banshees as they let their talons slide over the double glazing.  The only draw back is huge claw marks on the windows which then means the windows need cleaning from time to time. It is hard to find a window cleaner that will clean windows with huge claw prints on these days, apparently there is some sort of Health and Safety sub-clause (sub-claws . . . . HAHHAHHAh hah hhahhahh haha hah haha hahah haha ha ) that states if there is evidence of claws with a greater span that one foot (Foot . . . Claws . . . . . HHAHahh hahah hahh hah ahh ahh hah ha) then they can run away.

Sadly due to events I have just returned from outside, this was not something I was planning but that happens sometimes. What I will say is yes it is jolly cold indeed and the car is covered in a hard icy frost or is it a frosty ice, either way though there is frosty stuff out there. I guess this might mean that Jack Frost will be scurrying about round the house as well as banshees.

Elsewhere in the house the Ghost Writer is trying to fix my PC to do musicy stuff, I can tell it is not going entirely to plan because he is wailing and scratching at the widows in an effort to escape from the room. I was forced to lock him in because he was reluctant to sort out an old PC with the wrong software on, trying to make some hardware work that is not designed for either the software I have or the software I should have. Then he said the PC had a missing bit and where was the missing bit, well it was obvious that in order to concentrate his mind I needed to lock him in the room.

OK that’s it I have decided to run off now, life in cyberspace is very quite at present although as I remember rightly when General Custer’s Indian guide said that to John Wayne in which ever old film it was that the Indian guide said it in, all hell let loose and there were arrows all over the place.  So it may be best not to say it. . . . . . . . . .. . . .AH DAMN. There was a time when there were loads of westerns but you don’t see them any more these days, Mum says that they may be a bit non-pc these days but the dog has said HOW

The dog is now rolling about on his back in hysterics 



  1. My car was frosted over this morning too, not good since I was already late for work! I didn't see any banshees or Jack Frost; a shame, I would have liked a chat.
    I like that the mornings are getting frosty, I hope they stay that way. I'd love some snow, too. I just need to make sure I stay stocked up on de-icer!

    1. Sadly it appears it is back to dull cold rain tomorrow after what is turning into a lovely if a mite chilly day . . . . .

  2. Occasions where I sit and frown at my PC in frustration happen more often than not, but I have found a webstie that is very useful and may be of help to the Ghost Writer.
    it is called Make Use Of . com. Its full of very halpful people from all over the world who know a lot more than me (which isnt hard) about 'pooters and stuff.
    If he still gets stuff, send him that way!
    Hope it all goes well.