Sunday, 20 April 2014

USB sticks with Bite

Here at the Undead Snack Bar (USB) our French sticks make the best sandwiches in the world.  Made from a secret formula handed down over millenniums and with added vitamins and stuff we know our French bread stick sandwiches will help your memory.

So get your Undead Snack Bar (USB) French Memory Bread Stick today. . . . Guaranteed to be crunchy.     


  1. I have been eating alot of fried cheese sticks lately, alternating bites with Ranch Dressing and salsa, eXcept that the last bite is always Ranch Dressing. At no point in the devourment of these sticks have I ever thought about USB sticks.

    Tomorrow begins a fresh mopping cycle, and three days of FX teleBision. I think they are going to start broadcasting the new show 'Fargo' in the UK soon .... yes, I am showing on channel 4 today which means your yesterday. At breakfast I told my son that I was sad that there are only nine more episodes, which he found hilarious because he already knew that there are only going to be 10 total. It plays on Tuesday in the US.

    1. I also have a story about my Epson 4900, but it isn't over yet.

    2. Fargo rings a bell but my knowledge of such things is rather limited, as it is of Epson 4900's, maybe it is a printer story in ten episodes also, although I suspect you are hoping that is not the case . . . . .

  2. USB's sound yummy. In a completely non yummy way.