Saturday, 29 June 2013

Silent Zen Retreats and Dinner, Micro Gods, the Z to A and other things

It has been one of those days were much has happened, but in a sort of not doing much way, so it sort of looks like not much has happened, I think we all have days like that and just a present I am having quite a few of them.

First thing this morning dad went off to get two new tyres on his car, but he had made the mistake of making his car tidy a while back and in so going had left a big tool box full of stuff in the garage which included the lock nut bolts for the wheels which cant be removed without them . . . . .AH so after about forty five minutes dad arrived home to collect the lock nuts and me, and we went off to get two new tyres, they are much better tyres because the car is much quieter now. It is surprising how much noise some car tyres can make, particularly square ones made of stone.

XYTHIM the Micro God of Words

On our return Miss I and Mr S were at our house they had arrived for lunch and we then waited for Miss Kate, Mr S’s mum who was also coming to lunch. When we sat down for lunch Miss Kate told us she was off to a Zen retreat after lunch up in the wild hills of the Welsh countryside, apparently it is a silent retreat with no power and old fashioned soil composting toilets and healthy food and you have to get up at five o’clock in the morning and because there is no electricity once its dark its dark. I am a little worried about this because if you don’t know where things are and it is a silent retreat you can’t ask folk how to find things, and if someone came and woke me up at five in the morning I would shout at them a lot. I would probably also fall about at night in the dark saying “where the hell is the light switch” only to be told off silently.

So by the end of lunch Miss Kate was starting to worry a bit as we explained all the pit falls of a strange Zen retreat in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mad Zen monks with glazed looks and large axes who laugh in a slightly manic way but silently, and what happens if you do want more dinner you cant ask anyone.

Remember yesterday when I wrote Z is for the Zumtonians (sorry but not the Zubtonians, we don’t talk about them, well not in the silent retreat anyway)  as the start of my Z to A jolly and I said I had no plans to do Y today well its true so I have done X instead and I have drawn XYTHIM the Micro God of Words, the thing is the X is silent so it sounds like it should start with Y only it does not.  It seemed very appropriate to draw the Micro God of Words because I can say loads of them because I am not in a Zen Silent Retreat . . . . . HAH HAHAHHHAH HAH HAHAH HAHHA HAH HAH ah h hh ha hah ah ah hah aha hah ah ha ah ha hh ah hah ah ah ha ahhaha ha hah haha ha hahah HA HA HA.

OK I need to go it is getting dark (Oooooo luckily I have a light switch) HAHAhHAh hahah haahhah hahah hahhha………………. 


  1. How exactly does one laugh in a slightly manic way, or get told off, silently? :)

    1. Well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .


      ...... . . . . . . ........ . . ........

  2. If you had tyres made from stone AND they were reaLLy warm, they were most likely ... Firestone brand ... Hahahahahahahahaha

    1. You got me thinking about silent X's and I found some, but they are aLL at the end of words, couldn't find a beginning X silent one.

      Bordeaux(n), faux (adj), roux (n), Sioux(n)

      What is cool is three of them make completely different words IF you pronounce the X as X:

      fox, rocks, socks

      WeLL, I must go water some pineapples and get ready for a big day of electricity tomorrow.

    2. You don't see Firestone around here much . . . not sure why

      And I like big electricity