Thursday, 6 June 2013

More Evidence of Aliens (good stuff this time)

I know what you all thinking . . . . . You are all thinking what a lovely day so it is just not possible that Rob Z Tobor and the slightly eclectic group of misfits plus the odd ferret that represent his class in the grand cyber academy; his place of education, could accidently run into Aliens. Well you see even on a lovely day like today there are some things you just cant assume, and one of them is that while on the annual compulsory orienteering race that the geography teacher insists we all do on particularly sunny days (while he sits in the sun at the finish) Freddie and his ferrets will not stumble over alien remains, so they did… WELL COOL. We carried the alien remains back to the school although it was harder than we thought as Mr Jones kept trying to steal them and said it was unfair as he was the one who had spent years in the woods running about in the nude trying to communicate with strange beings.

At school the headmaster said the remains smelt and would not allow them into the school, I think it might have been Freddie’s Ferrets that smelt a bit, it has been a very hot day and they were eating curry and beans last night (a ferret favourite so I am told).  Anyway I have photographed the evidence so that you can see this is all bona fide evidence of alien activity on Earth, and I have even drawn the missing bits to give you an idea of what it may have looked like.

 In other news back home we have discovered a mysterious path that leads to another path which then leads to another path with then leads back to the first mysterious path. These secret paths were hidden by the three bishops who I chopped up the other day.

And there was also a curved digital message in the field next door from the aliens when I returned home, a clincher of their existence if ever there was one. The message according to Mr Jones said :-

Please return the remains of our comrade Stron G Armkneel (sounds Scandinavian to me), the first alien to step foot on Earth and who sadly was unable to return to our planet. And foolishly  went native breeding with ape like creatures, despite being warned it was a bad move and it would all end in tears two million years later……………..

Anyway I am not sure how to tell them Freddie’s Ferrets sort of ate the remains as they were a bit peckish after the annual compulsory orienteering race, I think we can safely blame the geography teacher, it was all his fault.      


  1. Holy smokes! If that isn't an alien (I AM starting to believe..) then I would love to know what on Earth that object actually is/was.

    Scary stuff indeed.

    1. It is OK Mr H it is hidden away safe and sound, it is made of bone and I have my suspicions but it is sometimes best not to destroy illusions. No one likes being told there is no Santa or that the fairies at the bottom of the garden are just regular pixies.

      AH sorry Mr H I should have broken the news to you about Santa in a slightly better way. If it is any conciliation he is alive and well in my mind, and does a cool job with fairy lights. Yes I am Santa. . . . .

  2. Did anyone ever tell you you have a vivid imagination apart from your wit. But I do so enjoy reading.


    1. It is not always easy to turn my day into an interesting story (well bits of my day). Sometimes my imagination lets me down but the task of writing this blog everyday has its ups and downs.