Saturday, 22 June 2013

Animal-Scopes and other things of no importance

The weather was not so good today much colder and showers all day, but I was planning on doing some work inside by starting to make an Animal-Scope. The idea is that the children I am presently doing some art with in the local junior school can use the Animal-Scope to display their animals on it that they cut out last week, well that’s the plan anyway. I have discovered that in respect to art and small children plans are not a good idea but none the less I have one I am working to for now. So I have created the basic structure of an all cardboard Animal Scope, although moving parts in cardboard when you are trying to avoid spending too much time on the thing is tricky.

I have plans in the future to make some more Animal-Scopes because I think there is some mileage in the idea and it would be good to make a couple of them when I have more time (I need more time, time is annoying).  Anyway I have a few fiddly bits to sort before Tuesday so I will have to do a bit of time management which is one thing I am rubbish at as it happens.

I noticed on the radio this morning (faithful Radio 4) that they were discussing the WorldWorm Charming Championships that were happening today in the UK, not something I have heard of before and I have seen a few signs by the side of the road locally for the British Stone Skimming Championships which are happening just up the road a couple of miles away next weekend. It is strange what folk get up too when they are not making Animal-Scopes.

Ooooooo yes Miss I and Mr S called by as they had gone to see the Castle of the Bishop, and Miss Anne sent a message last night to say she had headed off to London on her canal boat last month and will be back sometime next month. Canal boats are like that not speedy beasts.



  1. I am not sure what an Animal-Scope is (?).

    1. Nor am I Mr ESB, but it sounds good and I think I am probably making the very first one

    2. So, wiLL you post a video of the Animal-Scope in action?

      The diner is slightly more lonelier without Jesus. I have improved upon my griLLed chicken sandwich by not including bacon and putting on onion rings. They had a tendency to overcook the bacon to a petrifried state. Hahaha, petrifried instead of petrified, hahaha.

      I have been hearing something about Putin stealing some ring, a famous one. So Putin being a commie, that would be comPutin-g.

      I usuaLLy get weather info from and I wiLL see if it wiLL teLL me your weather.

    3. Oh, good, I finaLLy got that to work. I got confused because I typed the name of your place wrong by one letter the first time. So it looks like there is rain to the east of you.

    4. It is early here and I am operating without the aid of caffeine. I think I wiLL ask Coopie if he wants to go outside and meet the morning as there is a slight light on the horizon.

    5. I am not sure that I will be able to create a video of this particular Animal-Scope working as it will be in a school full of small children who are likely to attack it with paint and stuff by Tuesday

      However I now plane to make a rather more elaborate and sophisticated Animal-Scope with more moving parts as a present for a family member so I will video that one, but it will be a few weeks yet as I have not started it yet. Its OK though because the image of it is in my head.

      I am not sure President Putin is a communist, Russia always seems very right wing these days. I think the Russians probably think DAMN those lefty British with their everyone is equal and National Health service for all. And their strange attitude of no one likes a rich capitalist oligarch.

      The weather has been wet with a few patches of sun today but things look better for the week ahead.

  2. I love Radio 4, Down the Line is on as I write this.