Saturday, 4 May 2013

Zombie Defence Ditches and sewage . . . . . . .YUCK

Today did not start that great weather wise, but it got better as the day progressed, it was felt therefore by the dog and dad that I should work on the Zombie Defence Ditch because it is the time of year apparently when Zombies Breed (no I didn't know that either). So there I was digging away in the bottom of the ditch when I came across a pipe attached to a large concrete tank, dad in particular seemed very pleased and told me to break through the pipe with a chisel and lump hammer, which I did. Well it was a bit of a shock because the ditch started to fill rapidly with decomposing sewage, not the ideal situation when you are standing in the ditch. Dad and the dog however did say it could be much worse and that it might have been fresh raw sewage, but they were standing a long way off and wearing masks at the time.

This is the reason my diary entry is a bit late today because I was not allowed in the house for ages and then was chained into the shower for ages too, until I smelt normal. The only good thing is no Zombie is going to get past that Zombie Defence Ditch now that is a integral part of the soak away system……. YUCK

It also appears that something strange happened last night, firstly the hedgehog was about again but then suddenly vanished, I don’t know how it did that. Then this morning two fat balls put out for the birds hanging on the bird table vanished, Either the work of the hedgehog, but then it would either need to be able to climb a post or make use of tools such as pointy sticks or zip wires. Or it was aliens which is what Mr Jones says is very likely if not a dead certainty, because aliens have little knowledge of food on Earth and might see the fat balls as a gift of friendship only to come to the conclusion that humans eat rubbish.

All this drawing pictures in a rush is terrible too but not as terrible as standing in a Zombie Defence Ditch. . . . . . . . 

It is a nice evening for Bats . . . and Aliens 


  1. When I saw that this is the time of year for Zombie Bread, I suddenly remembered that I have not bought a loaf of pumpernickel rye bread in a long time. I enjoy it toasted with grape jeLLy which also reminded me that I am out of grape jeLLy. But the particular brand of bread that I buy is too long for my toaster, so I have to veRy carefuLLy toast half the slice of bread by holding it then switching it end to end. If I don't hold it part way out of the toaster then about 2/3 of it gets toasted and simply switching it around results in an overcooked middle of the toast. Now I am even hungrier for toast, so I should at least get out of bed and half cof fee. Making coffee is even more complicated than making toast.

    1. I bet you enjoyed the film when Harry met Sally Mr ESB.

      I prefer my toast make with a good homemade white loaf, golden brown still hot with loads of butter on and maybe peanut butter (crunchy not smooth).

      You cant beat good toast at times. I have thought of a advert slogan

      Zombie Bread for the Living Dead. . . . . It's a no brainer . . . . . . HAH HAHAH HAH AH hah ah hah ah ha hah ha hah ah hah ah ah ha hahh hahah

    2. DAMN that qwerty keyboard again, Make is Made. Those Zombies type better than I do.

    3. While wikipedia reading today I came across this:

      Montserrat is also home to the Critically Endangered Giant Ditch Frog (Leptodactylus fallax), known locally as the Mountain Chicken, found only in Montserrat and Dominica.

      Your advert is veRy vert, proof that you added veRy weLL, I hahaha'd muchly. I must get busy vacuuming or replace Cooper with a dog that doesn't doesn't release fur. Hahaha, talk about bad keyboarding, I just saw I double doesn't-ed, hahahaha ....