Monday, 29 April 2013

Young Yorick and the Yellow Yacht

The Slightly eccentric A to Z blogging adventure of unknown and rather unpopular Modern fairy tales

Y Young Yorick and the Yellow Yacht

X =Y squared said the young youth in his yellow yak coat.
Your new here said Yasmin of the Yemen  . . .
Yes; why” said the Youth, who was called Yorick  
No one wears Yellow Yak coats in York these days said Yasmin of the Yemen.
“Y” said young yorik.
“Well it is so Yesterday” said Yasmin of the Yemen, Yawning.
“And X=Y squared is very Yuck, much like your Yellow Yak”, said Yasmin still yawning.
“Well back in Yarmouth on my yellow yacht everyone says my Yellow Yak coat is very trendy” said YOUNG Yorick.
“A yellow yacht” said yasmin of the Yemen.
“Yes a Large Yellow Yacht” said Young Yorick.
“I like large yellow yachts and yellow yak coats rather a lot” said Yasmin of the Yemen
“And what about Yams” said young yorick
“Yes and yams” said Yasmin of the Yemen.

Of course young Yorick was telling a yarn, and in fact was rather poor, and many months later when Yasmin of the Yemin met an old friend called Yoko, Yoko asked Yasmin of the Yemen why she had married Young Yorick when she had always said she was going to marry a wealthy prince.

And Yasmin of the Yemen said . . . . . . . “Alas Poor Yorick he lied so well”.


  1. I see normal services has resumed from Yesterday.
    Great post and only one more to go.


    1. Yes it will be good to have reached the end, I feel I have done my bit with bells on.

  2. Youthful yoviality - yes!!
    Must come back and see how Z goes :)
    Hope you've enjoyed your A to Z-ing
    Jemima at Jemima's blog

    1. Z will only make sense if you read A to Y I think which is rather a lot of reading. And it is a bit longer than the other posts. But I do like to close the circle at the end of the A to Z as I did on both occasions last year. Yes I did the A to Z twice last year once entirely on my own just for the hell of it.

  3. I like the bow tie of the person in the picture.

    I have been awake since 4 AM and feel terribly tired. I woke up to the heat of my furnace. Someone had adjusted the thermostat needlessly and the AC was battling the heater, so my living room was cold and my bedroom a blast furnace. IronicaLLy the temperature outside was perfect.

    1. For a few years when I was younger I did have a coat just like that, I knew it was made of yak because of the smell.

      Maybe if you were to lie with half of you in the bedroom and the other half in the living room you will be OK. I suspect there may be a gap between the two rooms, but I am sure there will be a solution to that not involving a chain saw. I have been using a chain saw today but not to cut people in half.

    2. I could use a chain saw to cut an Ernest sized hole in the waLL, then I would build a roboticaLLy controLLed bed device (Arduino'd). I would sleep on the RCBD(A'd) with half of me sticking out into the livingroom and the other half into the bedroom. Then at some time, maybe thermostaticaLLy controLLed, the RCBD(A'd) would autoMagicaLLy swap the the Ernest around. It would do it slowly and quietly enough so as not to wake me. Of course the initial running of the bulls, I mean, chainsaw at 2AM would most likely cause the wife to no longer like me, and her complaining may keep me awake.

      I just finished reading a great book caLLed "The Cuckoo's Egg" by Clifford Stoll about computer hacking, a true story. Then I discovered it was turned into a NOVA show available on youtube caLLed
      "The KGB, The Computer and Me"

  4. Yikes you yes you yourself yet yarn yearning youthfully.

    Rob, my friend, your zaniness, there's a Zed or Zee as Americans say it. Your zany, quirky and surreal take on things, is much admired.

    I just got lucky getting so many comments, my good friend. Thank heavens this ridiculous alphabet challenge will be over tomorrow.

    In kindness and goodwill,

    Gary :)

    1. Well you say that but I may slowly head back to A in a sort of ad-hock take my time no pressure sort of way with some more fairy tales. After all as the old saying goes Fairy Tales are for life, not just for Christmas (sorry I mean the A to Z).

      Many thanks Good Sir

  5. I had to explain the significance of that last line to the Little man, who then thought it was rather funny. Cannot wait for the grand finale. :)

    1. Yo Miss Lily yes sorry it may not have been to Master Lil mans taste but I am sure a nice girl will try to marry him for all his money once he is ruling the world (you know what these young girls are like).

      Sadly no one dies in Z and it is a bit long but I hope you both like it..... I still have to go and draw the picture yet, I really should not have started that, but it seemed a good idea at the time.