Monday, 18 February 2013

Pink Skies and Seagulls

Today has been sunny I mean really sunny probably the sunniest day of the year I can say this because dad is smiling as the solar panels have had their best day in months. He says it is all to do with the Steam Powered Weather Machine, and it appears we have finally found out what we need to do to make it work correctly, yes it appears that if you give dad a large plain brown envelope full of used money the weather machine will generate what ever weather you like. In fact I think it is safe to say the more money in the envelope the better the chance of it working correctly.  Dad says it known in the trade as The Inverse Law of Unscrupulous Dealings and Skulduggery TILOUDAS to those in the know.

Unfortunately for me I had a day with the Ghost Writer in his office so I could look at the seagulls.  His office has a south facing glass wall and as near as damn it no windows so it was hot very very hot and on top of that the seagulls did not turn up, OK there was the one fake seagull……  I don’t know why there were no seagulls outside the office of the Ghost Writer today (although I might have an idea) as normally there are loads of them which is odd when you think his office is about seventy miles from the sea, but they have lived there for years and years.

On the way home we did see a very pink sky apparently if you see a red sky it means that Sheppard’s are having a party or something like that although you seldom see Sheppard’s any more but you do see lots of sheep.

I think me and the ghost Writer are a bit  zombie like tonight he apparently has loads of things to do, more things to do than he has time to do them in because of the nature of technology. You see technology might be faster but it is more complex and these two things cancel themselves out, so it takes just as long to do things as it did ten years ago. Only people wish to do things faster or at least insist that the Ghost Writer should be able to set up all the technology faster which he can’t. So when he is told its OK you have 4 weeks to do a technology restructure, he stands on the roof of his office and pretends to be a seagull, I think that might be why I did not see any today he is a rubbish seagull although he did eat fish for his evening meal . . . .

I am not sure any of this makes sense tonight but I am a half zombie and it is late. . 


  1. I wonder if seaguLLs who no longer see the sea slowly evolve into seeguLLs. This may partiaLLy eXplain the actor Steven Seagal, but in his case we aLL know that a gal who lives in the sea is known as a mermaid. ahahahahahahahahahah ah ah ah ah.

    1. I wonder what the girl in the sea can do to aid the Merm, Merms are rather capable things who tend to keep themselves to themselves.

      As for the seagulls I thought I might find a picture of the land based welsh seagulls on google but I did not. I may be forced at some point to take a picture of them now

  2. I saw the pink sunset as well. Tried to take a few pictures but they didn't turn as good as yours.
    We are blessed sometimes with our weather. For all the cold and rain and (gulp) snow, sometimes we do get cracking evening skies.

    Can you ask your dad to turn the temperature up on his weather machine though. It's still a bit nippy and at this rate i'll have to dig out my long johns....

    1. I am glad you saw the pink sunset Mr H I feel when other people see these things or can confirm some of the mad little events that happen in life then it gives my slight bizarre tale more street cred. It is terrible because I sometimes think I may not always be believed.

      It certainly is nippy and I have to admit that I have had to resort to my long johns already, should I be telling the world of my choice of underwear on a family friendly blog, I am not sure ... . . . ... .