Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Constant of Normality . . . . . . . and the BIG EVENT

The year appears to  have already settled down into a routine very similar to that of most years. The days are going to slowly but surely draw out, a result of daylight still permeating the atmosphere for longer periods of time.  The news appears to continue in a way that is very similar to the way the news normally continues, and most folk continue to make the journeys to and from places that they normally journey between.  This huge constant of normality to which the human race work too has taken the human race three days to re-establish after the New Year festivities. If this was a John Wayne film round about now someone would be turning round to Big John and saying its too quiet, I have an uneasy feeling about all this. And who could blame them because there is no denying that the world must be almost due something of a global nature to take our minds off things of less importance such as is it possible to walk down the high street backwards and not stand on the cracks in the paving. I say less important but it might just be that such a skill after the Big Event may be of critical importance, so I might practice again tomorrow.  Of course the one thing we do know; is that the BIG EVENT will not be the End of the World, so I will leave all of you to suggest interesting alternative options of a global event (The BIG EVENT) that might occur during 2013…..

 In other news we took a trip to the DIY store in Shrewsbury to get tongue and groove panelling so that I can continue my excellent job, yes it appears I am doing such a good job I am being allowed to finish it.  . . . . . . . . AH . . . .DAMN.  So this afternoon I continued the task for a while and it is coming along, although I have a feeling I have not yet reached the hard bit.

I have also noticed that cyberspace has become remarkable quiet, I suspect folk may have all run away for various reasons and are hiding somewhere else in cyberspace, having a party because they said on the news that people in the UK now spent huge amounts of money on downloaded music and games. This is a worry as I do neither but I do write more than most, the dog says people don’t like words they like a man with a machine gun running about in a maze who looks a bit grumpy chasing mutants (that’s the man not the maze)….. Still the Ghost Writer is grumpy so all I need to do is get him to run about, although it will only be with a water pistol but it has the same effect on a cat as a machine gun does on a mutant (OK sort of a bit).

OK I am off now to drink a mug of cocoa and eat toast and ponder the arrival of certain global things know to some (me) as The BIG EVENT, not the End of the World. . . . . .

Ooooooo I have just noticed I have a very manky keyboard, full of wildlife and stuff……

I do like this music VERY COOL

By the Way this is post number 700 on this Blog.....
I am slowly getting to the one million words


  1. I agree with you...the interwebs do seem a bit quiet. Several of my favourite bloggers haven't posted in months. It's probably ok, though, since I've been having a hard time keeping up.

    1. I am a determined little beast and see my blog as something I need to do, part of my daily routine. So I write it even if I am not in the mood, it is very easy to think Oooooo I dont have time today and then time passes and the blog gets forgotten and fills with cobwebs.

      It does make following other blogs hard work though as it does take time so I only follow one or two on a regular basis..........

    2. I have been guilty of this over the holidays (pfft) but hopefully my latest rant will show why I've not been able to dump a load of random words and pictures for a bit.
      But I'm back now - GRUMPIER than ever, fingers a-twiching for bloggin'

  2. My theory for the BIG EVENT this year revolves around the Daily Mail announcing that reading the Daily Mail will give you cancer of the face and in some kind of self defeating loop of hatred will implode in on itself. This will have devastating effects for the Scottish highlands as all that printer ink AS to go somewhere and the counter balance will cause the north to sink a bit and the south to rise a bit. This will cause the east to move west and the west to move east. the Pennines will rise up and cause Leeds to fall over into Manchester and York will be lonely.
    Shropshire will be fine and dandy with a lottery win for all and sunny skies all the way to October......