Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Spies, Pirates and Chemists in the strange twilight between cyberspace and reality

The world of diaries and cyberspace can lead to interesting things; things can happen that can have an influence on both. Take my good friend Miss Fionaski the Famous Russian Spy; we all know that she is very much a real person out there listening intently to her shortwave radio gluing micro dots onto the bottom of homing tortoises. However through the strange sub world of my diary she has found it very difficult to be a spy and has had to resort to leaping about and being a party animal in real life, because it is tricky to be a spy when as mum puts it some IDIOT keeps telling everyone about their secret plans.

Then there is my cyber-friend Captain Nessman of the High Seas, we have had many an adventure in the world of cyberspace battling sea monsters and the tally ho British fleet, but then real life leaps into place and Captain Nessman of the High Seas finds himself on a wild adventure learning Chinese in China, which is probably the best place to learn Chinese as it happens. He has many a tale to tell of huge squid and creatures that western man has never seen before which is why from time to time he still sneaks into a MacDonald’s from  time to time. 

Today the cross over between the real and surreal of cyberspace took another slightly strange twist, my diary as you know can be found both in Facebook and as a blog, and my blog friend Mr ESB a man of many talents and a chemist who often experiments with chicken sandwiches and who lives in Texas has told me that as a result of my help he has been able to sing Happy Birthday in Welsh to his friend Jesus (no not that one) who works in Mr ESB’s favourite diner back in his home town in Texas. Now that is well COOL just think without all this technology and the internet, things like this would not happen. I think what this proves is that even a modest diary of an eccentric in the rolling hills of the English Welsh borders and a few of his good friends can make the world a better place.

If you are watching the block buster movie or reading the best selling book then I will be found in a warm swimming pool with a cold drink in my hand, if you are not reading the best selling book or watching the movie all I can say is that nice Mr Steven Spielberg has made yet another film about the wrong thing (if it has horses in it again I will not be happy).



  1. Oh I do miss reading the musings of you and Captain Nessman of the highs seas, on my facebook page. They were the highlights of my day! (stupid faulty facebook fan page!)

    And well done to Mr E for learning happy birthday in Welsh. My sister knows the words and tried to teach me. But seeing as I can hardly speak English, it ended up being a bit of a disaster. :)

    1. It was great fun, and I do enjoy other languages and cultures. I have fun being the communication link between Rob and Jesus. His birthday is towards the middle of the week so I was a bit early. I am back home today after needing to be downtown for business reasons aLL day yesterday. Baking tday and spending time with Cooper. I think aLL our snow wiLL melt today so I should go out this morning and build a tiny snowman and throw snowbaLLs in the air for Cooper to catch. Even if they manage to get my truck fixed today I am staying home aLL day. They think it is a broken wire between batteries which is much cheaper than fuel injectors. They told me that I needed three injectors that act bad during a cold start. I told the siLLy people I neVer start it cold during the winter time, the engine is always warm before I plan to start it. I do hope they get it fixed soon as I need to repair something for a friend in a local city.

    2. Thank you both as always for your excellent contributions to my blog it would not be the same without you and Mr H who has returned from relaxing in a hot place in the sun.

      Because Captain Nessman is learning Chinese in China he is rather busy and having to concentrate because Chinese is a bit like that. And of course he is love and plans to marry on his return to the USA, so life as a pirate may be ending HAR HAR HAR. And Miss Lily I would advice setting up a Miss Lily hotmail account and joining facebook as Miss Lily it would resolve many problems for you although facebook is slowly fading out of favour and I feel it is only a matter of time before the fall.

      Good luck with the truck Mr ESB I hope the garage are friendly and do a good job.

      I could tell my local vicar that thanks to a very clever man in Texas I am in direct communication with Jesus, but he may misread the situation.