Saturday, 12 January 2013

Chainsaws, Rooks, Music and Snow

I had plans for today after all when you have a new chainsaw to hand and various things that need to be sawn up like logs, seagulls, sofa’s and alien monsters you can be keen to get out there and fire the beast up. Only it was not a nice day in fact at one point it was snowing, it was even snowing when we sat down to eat something at lunch time (in my case a porky pie) and the man on the BBC weather said its OK we wont have any snow today. I did run over to the windows, the oversized UPVC double glazed windows that mean you could see loads of snow falling and shouted at the BBC weatherman telling him he was rubbish.  If it had been nice and not snowing I would have been out chasing aliens and seagulls with a chainsaw not eating pork pie and trying to spot interesting things on that Mars web site. Then doing a bit of painting and pottering about.

I finally decided to upload a bit of drumming by myself and my drumming colleague with a bit of guitar added by the Ghost Writer to that youtube site and well that was about it. I should have done much more, but my theory is that I am doing more than a hibernating bear at present and on a slightly sunnier day I would probably chase a hibernating bear with a chainsaw, as long as it was only a modest sized bear. So that’s it I am going again now to either look at Mars and maybe say Martians Martians I can see Martians under those rooks? Sorry Rocks . . . .  I have a feeling that there are no rooks on Mars. Mmmmmmmm maybe there are, maybe that would explain those black blotches we see everywhere, they are flocks of rooks and the blotches are certainly the right colour. By the way Blotches might not sound very technical but that is the official name for the feature which looks like blotches.

OK I’m off, see you tomorrow enjoy the drumming . . . . . . If you are reading the paperback you will need to synchronise your ipod thing so you can listen to things at the right time. 



  1. We haven't had much snow yet, just a light dusting last night that didn't settle because the ground was too wet. It was quite nice finding my car covered in snow, but I'm glad it wasn't on the ground; I don't have a great track record with driving in snow.

    1. A bit of snow again today in fact cold and not nice I think would be a good way of describing it.

  2. Loved that tune, especially the guitar. Although I think that I was staring too hard at the screen, because I swear the image above started to move. Either that, or I should lay off the Baileys. :)