Thursday, 27 September 2012

The UFO and the wheelie bin

Believe it or not the sun came out today, this was very good for Esmeralda who was able to walk in straight lines and therefore was in a position to take revenge on Trevor for sniggering and Dave for attaching L plates to the wheelie bin she was in yesterday. So she super glued the lid of the wheelie bin closed with both Trevor and Dave stuck inside it and pushed them into the river Severn. However it did slightly backfire on poor old Esmeralda when both Trevor and Dave appeared on the evening news as minor celebrities having achieved a world record for sailing a wheelie bin down stream and over the famous Niagara Falls. Mr Harris the geography teacher was shouting in the background that it was all an elaborate hoax and they only got as far as the weir at Shrewsbury. Sadly however Mr Harris is known as the Severn Bore so no one was listening to him, but he did manage to wave. HA HAH HAH Hah ah hah ah ha hh hah haha hhah haha.

you will need to click on the pic to see it a bit larger to view the UFO

On the subject of elaborate hoax’s when I got home from school Mr Jones and the dog were sitting in the field next to the house watching the sky and insisting they had seen a flying saucer (UFO) flying out over the far fields, so I went and got my faithful little digital camera. Then just as I was starting to get a bit distracted by the cows who are still attempting to make a tunnel under the road in their escape master plan there it was a UFO but it was moving fast and a long way off so it is not a great picture. Even the cows showed some interest, one even waved and shouted farewell Boris? While Mr Jones did what my Jones does and took all his clothes off and ran after the UFO but it only appeared to travel faster.

Still no one is interested in UFO’s these days or cows as they attempt to dig a tunnel under the road, wearing false moustaches and trilbies (that’s the cows not the road that would be silly). No you don’t see the media swarming into the wilds of rural England by the English Welsh boarders to interview a man with no clothes and a dog that speaks Latin and a cow who has met Boris (the alien not the Mayor of London) no they are far more interested in two young pupils glued into a wheelie bin going over Niagara Falls. It just goes to show there is no justice, no wonder the masses all watch that awful X Factor thing or Come Dancing YUCK.

Hang on WHAT am I talking about?




  1. Okay, I'm hanging on, what are you talking about?

    1. I am not sure how close I have been to Niagra FaLLs. I have been to NYCity and Detroit, and I am not sure which one is closer .... Off to Google Earth to see ... Google Earth was too difficult to use on my iPad while watching teleBision, but asking regular Google the question shows that Detroit is closer, so I have been about 250 miles away from Niagra FaLLs.

    2. I have never been close to Niagara Falls but I suspect I may have been in contact at sometime and some place with water molecules that have travelled over Niagara Falls. So maybe I can say I have been soaked by the spray from Niagara Falls . . . . .