Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Olympic Flame, Mo and a Moth

As you all know Britain, (well London, I think they have forgotten the rest of us now) has been hosting this Olympic sports thing and it appears that the British have been doing remarkably well. Even today, as we come to the end of the penultimate day the Brits are still winning a few medals. Tomorrow is the grand ending with what appears to be a few celebs, well I think they are celebs.  I suspect that the trendy thing to do will now to be seen hanging out doing a bit of sport with a medallist saying things like HAY WE LIKE TO JOG WITH MO JUST TO STAY IN TRIM.

Anyway I did my bit today; after my rather disastrous bonfire yesterday I had another go today. Now this is something I could win medals for in fact I could melt them if I wanted so I made sure that today’s fire was good, very good and that it had at least a full 15ft of flame at times, and all done with non toxic regulation garden stuff and some hedge cutting, no cheating with accelerants and plastic or cardboard. No one wants to be banned on the last full day of competition do they?

I could tell we are near the end of the Olympics because they are running out of sports, for example that modern pentathlon, WHAT? Fencing, swimming, show jumping and running and shooting…….? Yes OK but WHAT?

Then there was that 200m canoe race for one person and then pairs WHAT? How mad is that. You can imagine someone saying ooooo lets go for a canoe trip and they shot off like a motorboat but only as far as the other bank and then they say to you that was fun what’s next before you have even managed to get in a canoe.  And I’m sorry but the BMX just looks silly.  

Anyway the British have done well, and all we need to get through now is the closing ceremony without blowing it somehow, and we can send all those BBC sports reporters back into the darker recesses of obscurity telling them, job well done mate but here is your P45 and thanks….. And I can be grumpy again……….. WELL COOL and tinker in a shed with my new steam powered pole for the pole vault ready for next time…..   

I saw one of these today too, 
But he is still quite safe, and now called MO
HAHAHAHHAHAh hah ah ah hah ah ahah ha hha 



  1. Is that white creature actually Boris the spider in his Team GB tracksuit?

    1. I am starting to get the hang of taking pictures of small things in the garden now . I might phone up the David Atom bro bloke and see if he needs a hand with any filming

  2. Hee hee Rob Z, you do have a way with words.
    I cannot wait to read your views on the closing ceremony tonight. For me the end of the Olympics means, no more roads blocked by buses with blacked out windows, (carrying certain team members)the parks being re-opened, (team members training)and being chatted up in the local Mcdonalds. (courtesy of Italian team members)

    And as much as I hate moths, the one above, is quite stunning.

    1. Thanks Miss Lily I will be watching the closing ceremony tonight, being a bit cynical and not entirely a sports fan means it is a sort of morbid curiosity a bit like that moth flying at a street light.

      Of course in your own case, as I suspect is the case with many who live close to all this, the end will indeed bring some peace and calm and you will now have the largest swimming pool in Britain to add to the local council tax rates....

      The moth was rather cool but also rather common.... maybe not near the Olympic park however..

      I hope you are recovering from things OK, you will have to send the Lil man along to the Olympic park next week to demand his Olympic legacy he has been hearing so much about

  3. SPICE GIRLS ARE GOING TO PERFORM AT THE CLOSING CEREMONY! :D I should really compose my self, but being a 90's baby, spice girls were my life at one point :)

    1. I will let you off ...... I am bitter and twisted so am more an Iron Maiden fan than the spice Girls

      I just hope they don't sing

      I tell you want we want,
      what we really really want,
      we want medals.

  4. That is some tune...favorite tune. oh ya.