Wednesday, 8 August 2012

POSS (Post Olympic Stress Syndrome) and an Accountant

We all went off to the accountant today to sort out the wondrous world of high finance. As mum and dad are into a bit of this bit of that they make sure they are all sorted by letting the accountant tell them about what the tax mans cut will be for the coming year. Luckily they will not be paying tax this year because dad has blown all the profits on his weather machine. Dad was well pleased but mum hit him over the head with a large ledger. I have to go because I am apparently a capital investment or was it a tax deductable venture portfolio; the dag says the accountant said I was an unfortunate overhead expensive. Anyway that was the morning sorted well and truly. It appears that if I pay the accountants bill out of my pocket money then I can save a fortune in tax too, not sure how that works as I don’t pay tax, but everyone nodded and agreed even the accountant.

 So this afternoon I was left with a decision do I watch some Olympics or do I cut the grass, after a bit of thought I cut the grass in the end; us British have won loads of medals now and it is not the same when we have loads of them, as apposed to  having just one or two. With just one of two we can all rally round and say WOW the plucky Brit won against all odds we have a gold, but we have loads of them now so we are good?

I am also easing myself back to normal life to avoid POSS (Post Olympic Stress Syndrome) and even worse POD (Post Olympic Depression) when the nation returns to normal on Monday next week and everyone scratches their heads as they try to work out what to do with a huge BMX bike track and several posh buildings that cost a small fortune to keep going. Still I think the Paralympic Games start on the 29th August (the Ghost Writers birthday) so that is WELL COOL  and will keep the punters happy, then after that it is almost Christmas…………. . MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE

AH mum just said IDIOT



  1. The only time I suffer from that ailment is during the Winter Olympics. I did watch some of the events this year but am admitting now that not a whole hello of a lot. Not enough action, speed and thrills for me.

    1. I don't think the Brits will be so good in the Winter Olympics, although i can make a well cool snowman if they need one.