Monday, 6 August 2012

The Mars Rover, one small 4X4 for man one giant leap for a chicken

As I said last night I got to go to Brecon with the Ghost Writer who said I need to do something exciting now because he is getting bored, that is not very nice. His day went remarkable well considering it is the fickle Brecon base where the computers get affected by the old stone circles in the hills, and then worse still people using them to do stuff.

We are both well exhausted now and rapidly running out of steam, much like the Olympics. I guess with today sort of returning to normal here I just started to get the feeling that the edge and glory of the great British Olympic jolly has just sort of peaked now and the big dark arms of normality will soon embrace the country again.  Even the main news has returned to politics and war now so that is a sure sign that we have turned a corner.

However Mr Jones the Alien spotter is very happy he says that the Americans dropping a large 4X4 on Mars is bound to get some sort of response from the Martians. No one likes having someone else’s 4X4 dropped in their back garden by surprise, well not unless it has a big bow on it and you are given a card saying Happy Birthday and a set of keys. I don’t think that is what is planned because one thing we do not know about life on Mars is when its birthday is (OK Mr Jones says he does). I did see a brief bit of film of the 4X4 being dropped but I did not see what happened to the thing that dropped it.

So Mr Jones is off to the woods tonight with a birthday card and a cake (a green cake) with 12,934 candles on it and jingling a set of keys. They are not the right keys (not the 4X4 on Mars), they are the keys to his slightly rusty ex Fed-Ex van which he has hand painted in day-glow green with an alien head on the roof. Not a real one, he might tell you it is real but it is made of papier-mâché and plastic milk bottles…….. and green.

Sadly it is a little know fact that Man is not the first to reach Mars someone has been there before us……. MMMMMMMMmmmmmm


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