Saturday, 4 August 2012

British Olympic Gold, running, jumping, throwing stuff and the orange room

I am finally doing constructive things today which is jolly dam good indeed (I have returned to Dam not Damn; what is it with the English language). So have been painting a room Orange, now when I say orange, I mean serious in your face orange not some wishy-washy, mamby-pamby hint of orange.  But there are reasons for this as the room is due to have stuff on the walls that will mix well with this. OK my Bright red Watkins Guitar might clash a little bit but that is a musical statement in the making…… It is a known fact too that Zombies will not stay in a room this colour and get uneasy about using strong colour, although ironically it helps their completion and emphasizes their pale skin tones. But then Zombies and DIY have never mixed well.

We now have a magpie who arrives every morning and shouts at us through the patio doors, magpies are not particularly musical but they are noisy and demanding as well as very clever. The trouble is they are rather mercenary too so will happily eat anything and everything so when they land on the bird table to eat all the seed and bread they will then eat any conveniently sized small bird once the food has gone. As well as do rotten things that are best not said in front of small children (……..Me).

While on the subject of doing rotten things in front of small children it is time for my round up of Britain today in the Olympic games……… I know we have won more rowing medals. People complain about the unfairness of the British social class system; but it has a few advantages. One being rowing, us working class folk are rubbish at rowing, although we are quite good at those paddle boats that weight half a ton and hardly move despite almost killing yourself pedalling or turning handles……….. Come in Number 6 ……………… Are you in trouble Number 9…….     

What us ordinary folk are good at are running about, a bit of jumping and the general ducking and diving (no not in the water) of life and maybe a bit of throwing stuff over walls to get rid of it.  So I have been hanging in there to see how we got on tonight with the running and jumping stuff and the like.

Well knock me down with a feather us plucky Brits (Not me as such) have done it again, it has all gone to plan and everyone is leaping about hugging one another waving gold medals.  It a bit like have a barbeque with loads of people turning up and it all goes to plan. Still in a couple of days all will start to return to normal and us cynical folk will be able to relax as the dawn of normality arrives….. 

Oooooo by the way has anyone noticed dads Steam Powered Hedgehogs yet..... They are working well cool.



  1. Q: you have the words "ironically it helps their completion" - um, did you mean "ironically it helps their complexion" ?

    Glad you aRe doing better. I have been eXtremely busy for the last few days helping someone with their AC unit, so I haven't been reading much, eXcept for technical reading on an AC problem. Cooper and I aRe doing better now, though, being in a post pizza position. Yawn, I'm veRy tired, I must sleep now. Ooh, more yawns.

    1. You are right Mr ESB I may go and change that although there is a sort of logic that says anyone spending too much time in a room that colour will become a zombie. So maybe i will leave it as it is, I need to talk to some zombies and get their view point on it.

      Normally it is a waste of time they look think and go "AAAAAuuuuuuuugghghgghgghghhhhhhh eat brains", not entirely helpful.

      Hope the AC is working again and life is getting a little cooler outside.