Friday, 25 May 2012

The Hot Weather in Britain and other things

Yes to be a complete bore and at the risk of repeating myself, but guess what it is hot, damn hot, hotter than yesterday but maybe not quite as hot as the day before but very very very hot. What is going on? How am I meant to think of interesting things to write about when it is so hot, all I do is complain it’s hot. It’s at times like this when you wish it would get cold and wet so that I could complain about it being cold and wet, (that’s us British for you).

We have had to resort to watering the veggie patch in the evening to stop it turning into a desert or is it dessert I always mix them up which can be very awkward in a posh restaurant when you are presented with a bowl of sand with some sort of raspberry sauce drizzled round the side of the plate. Why do they do that, it is impossible to eat (not the sand) without licking the plate and posh restaurants frown on that sort of thing.

School was abandoned today, the freezer finally died and all the water has dried up in the swimming pool. Freddie thinks someone has stolen the water to put in glass bottles and sell as posh mineral water. I did point out that it has had five hundred school children in it all day for the last three days, and so might taste a bit dodgy. But according to Freddie that is probably why they stole it, to flog off as posh mineral water. I am not sure how they will explain away the bits of Casio Scientific calculator floating about in the bottles?

One thing I did see this morning when we were all out looking at the veggie patch was some strange looking fly come moth insects with long antenna that we hovering about by the beach hedge, and we also seem to have a lot of Maybugs here, WELL COOL.

Yes OK I am not that David Atom-bough bloke 

We are off for a meal tonight at Big Bills Greasy Fur Ball CafĂ©, we have not been there for ages so that is WELL COOL also, plus we are off to a surprise party tomorrow… Not so much a surprise for me or the others going otherwise we would not know about it and no one would go resulting in no party. But it is a surprise for someone, only who it’s a surprise for is a surprise, because I don’t think the invitation was really for me, so its surprises all round I think.

As with most days I need to run off and try and think Cultural Olympian, but it is very very very hot and it is difficult to focus the mind on it. Did I mention it was hot I think I did?



  1. I can't tell what those flys are. As for this weather, I was off work today and spent the afternoon sat in the garden covered in suntan potion, drinking beer and reading a book. My life should be like this all the time.

    1. It is good to sit in the sun reading and drinking Elderflower Cordial in my case, I do not drink beer. But if it was slightly cooler and a nice breeze then it would be hunky dory but as it is .....


  2. I feel as a Brit, that it is my cultural duty to complain about the weather, so here goes *ahem, clears throat* "IT'S TOO SODDING HOT!!"

    That is all.

    1. Well said Miss Lily it is a wonder you have not written a post about it yet.

    2. I'm trying to Rob Z but this heat really is getting to me. By the time I do finish it, the cold snap will be back and my post will be made redundant.

    3. We will all pretend it is still hot in the UK on your blog if it helps those elsewhere in the world will never know.

      And as you have said yourself once it gets colder and rains we will all complain anyway