Sunday, 12 February 2012

Steven Spielberg and major issues with continuity in the diary and the sad news of a friend

It has been a day of mixed events. We have been to the village hall fund raising Sunday dinner to meet people (not the dog or the cats or Captain Flint the parrot, they are banned), where we met people I am not good with names because I confuse who is who. And in a tale where reality and cyberspace mix to form the basis of my diary that is a bit awkward because it can cause major issues with continuity in the diary. I am going to have to explain to the very nice Steven Spielberg it is not an issue after all those Monty Python folk did stuff like that all the time in their movies.

The dinner was OK they even had a vegetarian option for mum who was somewhat apprehensive as this is a small very rural hamlet, and to some, vegetarianism is the work of the devil.  Mum would probably argue the opposite but well some of us like things with legs to eat YUM.  

So we have now met some of the locals, only I am not entirely sure when we will see them again as there is no obvious focal point here with the exception of the church and even then the church service seems to leap from village to village, so it may be some time till I see them again. But this did allow everyone to leave the village hall after the meal saying to those still chatting, I AM GOING FOR A LITTLE WALK I MAY BE SOME  TIME . I don’t think I was told off for saying that more for arranging the dog with a large snow machine to blast the doors open in a huge sub zero blizzard (for some dramatic effect). The vicar said I am the work of the devil (like vegetarianism) but I told him I am not, I work for the devil at weekends and he is a jolly good friend. According to mum and dad this is not the best thing to say to your new vicar in a small rural community. I don’t really see what is wrong with working at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop at weekends and after all he is a jolly nice man (unless you are one of the baddies or a politician)

There has also been bad news today, the partner of one of my friends is very ill. It is all very frustrating because there is little we can do, although we will help if we can.

And I noticed that Whitney Houston died today. It is strange how fame, fortune and celebrity still don’t bring happiness and if anything can do quite the opposite in some cases. And as has been pointed out many times before this is something I do not need to worry about …………………………..


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  1. I am Whitney-sad as well.

    As far as working for the Mr. D., have you thought about career opportunities? Instead of being an exorcist, maybe you could be a Z-orcist. I understand it takes a lot of schooling to become a Why-orcist. That is someone who gets paid a lot of dinero for listening to peoples problems, I think they are sometimes called psychotics or psychologists. My best add-vice is to look for something ending in ist. It seems to have done wonders for me as a chemist.

    Sorry to hear about your friend, hope he/she feels better soon.