Monday, 27 February 2012

Normality, Harry Potter and the Pheasant

Dam today was quiet, everything at school was normal, Maths English German History Chemistry (not a single BANG), and Art. Just as they should be not a single event of any interest even the seagulls were just chilling eating the occasional chip after lunch from the remains of the mass exodus to the Chip Shop for the regulation school lunch. And the headmaster, wandering about in the playground pointing at stuff, with one of the school governors. Who had taken the headmasters advice and was wearing a full face crash helmet.    

When I say (pointing at stuff with one of the school governors) I don’t mean the headmaster was lifting the school governor up and pointing them at the particular item to be pointed at. Although with a red crash helmet on they would have made a good pointer (not the breed of dog), No the headmaster was pointing at stuff with his hands same as I do when I point at stuff although I sometimes use a stick or one of those hand held steam powered laser pointing things.  I have told dad most people have battery powered laser pointers and the steam operated one fills rooms up with steam, but I must admit the laser looks well cool in steam.

Then the school bus did not get kidnapped, it has been ages since that happened doesn’t time fly. Dam it I used that silly saying again about time and I am not going to discuss that again now (maybe another time HAH HAHAHH Hah hahahah hahah ahahah haha hah hah Haahanah). Mum said IDIOT again.  Everything was normal at home, well as normal as it normally is and everyone was pottering about.

How come Bloody Harry Potter gets a word named after him that is all nice; I am just pottering about la de da de da ho hum potter potter. I have the word robbing Me and Harry have just nicked that nice little old ladies pension HAH HAH AHHHAH HAH HHAHHHA and we scarred her cat up a tree HAHAHHAHH HHAH hah Rob rob rob…….. ……….  lovely job gov.

I think I have discussed that all before too, I am starting to think that Harry Potter and the Horse are trying to discredit my diary by messing with the plot. Still where is Harry Potter now (HAH HAH AHAHHHAH HA) a spent force destroyed by a slightly dodgy happy ending which reminds me I must watch that last movie of his sometime, it has got to be better than the one before the last one, that was rubbish.

Sorry back to today and the diary as I said nothing has happened so I well I have nothing to write about (again).

Oooooo it was grey and raining not a nice day, OK that’s it bye.   

And I saw a pheasant



  1. I have typed, deleted, typed again, then deleted some more but I fear that my cognitive skills, are not quite up to par. This is probably because at the moment, they're having a fisty cuff with the migraine that's decided to take over the same space.

    Don't forget to pick up my little gift for you on my blob. (spelling intentional)

  2. Here is a suggestion for you after reading about your normal family. When you have children you should name the first two Norman and Albert, that way you can tell every one your children are Norm Al, even if they aren't. And if you wish to take a different direction of illogic, go ahead and have a third child named Abner, that way if anyone is impressed with their 100, 100, and 100 IQ's, then you can declare loudly, "They're ALL Ab Norm Al, I tell ya!!!" it doesn't really matter if they are daughters, just use Abnerette, Norma, and Alberta. I had a great aunt Alberta a long long time ago, and I think she was normal too, wink wink. Or maybe she was from Alberta, or both.

    1. I could name girls Abba and Kas then it would all start to add up, and we could play that game I SPY WITH MY BEADY EYE.

      HA HAH HAH ah haha hhaah hah h ha ha hah h