Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Three short Poems for Christmas . . . About Santa, A Rat, Algebra, and a Frog . . .

What happened to Santa?

Once upon a time
A long long time ago
There was a chap
Who liked the Snow?
And Shouted Ho Ho Ho
He sat small children
On his Knee
And jiggled them about
But the Police
Have now arrested Him
And say
He is too dangerous
To let out

The sad end of a clever RAT

I had a pet Rat
Living under my Floor
He was very Clever
But he did like to Gnaw
I taught him to Count
To almost Eighteen
But at doing Algebra
He was not very Keen
Then one day I asked Him
To work out
A(B*C) in his Head
So he leapt into the Mouse Trap
And now my pet Rat
Is a bit sort of


Santa and the Frog

A Chinese Chap once said to me
So I shock my head and tried to agree

But he pointed to a traffic sign and said
And then he looked at me

So I gave him a Frog
Which was big, and White, and Red.

But the Chinese chap shouted
something else,
I did not know
vbvc,jhgsdsfe iriwu erfddg
And in a cloud of smoke
The frog turned into Santa
And we all Shouted
Ho Ho Ho

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