Sunday, 27 December 2015

Poetry in the style of Nostradamus, Predicting the Events of 2016

I have decided to predict the future today
Like that Nostradamus
But in a sneaky Poetic way
Which means the year ahead?
Has to rhyme or
The said event will not happen this time
So I predict deep crisp Snow
And lots of wind that will blow
And a plague of Frogs in IKEA
Where stampeding customers
Will run about in great fear
And a man eating tortoise on a bus . . . (not a man eating a tortoise)
With the bus driver shouting
 Please DO not make a fuss
And the Queen will demand that
The Prime Minister David Cameron should go
After his naked romp on the stage
Of the new Harry Potter stage Show. .
And the Olympics should happen but will probably not
When it is discovered
The Rain Forest has been chopped down
When we were told because of global warming, 
It should NOT
And the British Astronaut will return
But will feel rather ill
As an Alien leaps from his stomach
And threatens to kill
And of course the fashion item of taste
Will be the string Vest
So a chap can display
The hairs on his Chest
And America will be shocked by Donold Trumps
Posh new Hair Do
Which he bought from a shop
And stuck on with glue
And President Putin will scare folk
With his latest Pink latex suit
And his high heeled stilettos
Which he will insist, are practical, but cute
And China will build a coal fired power station each day
And then wonder why the fog will not go Away
And a man will stand on a snail
Japan will eat a large whale
And fame and fortune will finally come my way
As I am hailed as the greatest
Internet poet of my day
Although within an hour or two
An infinite number of monkeys
Will be found in my cellar
Writing poetry in exchange for peanuts
And doing it
Remarkably Wel _ la . . .  (I think they are being Ironic there)

And finally a chap might press a large button that’s red
Leading to a distinct possibility
We could all end up

Happy 2016 everyone 


  1. I am working on my prophetic
    descriptions of the pathetic
    humans of this planet
    although nobody will have it
    that my word shall be truth
    and my words shall be the proof
    although i know my are trite
    your's will probably be right
    because your poetry is cool
    and I am but a fool.

    1. Mr H your poetry is great
      as it is never too late
      to rhyme and to slide
      And enjoy
      A great blogging ride
      Telling the world
      of the things that you know
      and if they dont want to listen then you can tell them
      to ****** *** and go

      Did I just swear on a child friendly blog. . . . DAMN

  2. In that case, I'll just hang on to 2015 a little bit longer.

    1. OK you can have a few more days. As long as you are good. . . .