Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Witch the Bonfire and a Sign of the Tims

Today is Saturday and it has been relatively quiet today. First thing this morning we noticed several large groups of teenage walkers walking along the Shropshire way which happens to pass along the road we live on.  The dog thinks there may be a connection to the long running saga of The Wicked Witch of the West, who as you know has had her head bitten off. Because yesterday I mentioned that the great Lord of all the land had in the past had problems with Mary Poppins and the pesky kids with the dog when she ran up and down hills singing. So not only has the wicked Witch of the West got no head but all the pesky kids are heading in the opposite direction to the village (sorry Town) loaded up like they are not going back.

I have been having a large bonfire today trying to clear some of the piles of stuff from the garden. I did manage to keep it going despite the showers of rain. It has got very gloomy again for a British summer but then it is tennis season that has always brought rain in abundance, and if I remember it (the tennis) even had that Mary Poppins doing a crowd sing along once. Well until security got hold of her and the pesky kids and threw them out for causing a disruption.  My watch has stopped now …..COME ON TIM (sorry TIME) HAHAHH HAH ha hahh aha hah haha hah ah hah ahah ahaha hahahh haha .

The Ghost Writer is here again he has promised to sort a laptop out for a man up a hill, not the hill that Mary Poppins and The Wicked Witch of the West ran up and down, but another hill with a sign at the bottom saying ‘NO Witches, NO Musical characters, No Singing, No Dukes lingering half way, No door to door water collectors’ ……. Just to be on the safe side. That Cliff Richard did try and sing once on the hill but his excuse was he was a Cliff not a hill and a completely different geographical feature.

I have pointed out to the Ghost Writer a sign that I had put on our drive that says  ‘NO IDIOTS running about in the dark with a camera and a torch’ ……….. He says……. AH   



  1. I saw the wicked witch of the West today in IKEA in Birmingham, although it may have been the witch of the North as she had a head and was wearing a yellow raincoat, she asked the checkout lady how her mothers face was and if she was happy with it! and then she asked me how virgil and gabriel were, i was quite shocked as i'd only seen them the night before in Derby and i didn't get to speak to them anyway! I'm well thank you, pop in next time you're in the village....oops! sorry Town!

    1. Yes IKEA is like that I always end up with stuff I never need and have always thought witchcraft must be involved somehow.

      We will call in when we are passing