Wednesday, 25 April 2012


As we all sit on the verge at the edge of the very vexing voyage though the various letters of the Alphabet in a variety of venerable viscous ways, violins playing Vivaldi violin concertos and a Vixen eating voles in the valleys. We have no Vowels left to create voluptuous vivid visions and voices in the very minds of our followers, visions of victims, victors, violence and vampires, vets and vipers, vans and videotape, villainy and voodoo

However I can hear one little voice vomiting and saying “Pour some vinegar on it mate; this is all very venerable but we have W X Y and Z to go yet so unless you’re a vegetarian Viking, cant you wait until Z to do the big visionary speech”

But I have to respond with “If you think I am going to try and do this with the letter Z then Vamoose on your velocipede, vanish, vacate to a vertical void under the veranda, this is not vaudeville, so stick some Vaseline in it”……

It has been Wet, violently Wet, so very Wet indeed, It is just a damn shame that it is not a W day, a Wet Wednesday with awful Weather. However I am veering away from the ventures of the day. Last time we reached V we dressed as Vampires, but today we dressed as the Venomous Voodoo Vampire Vultures from the famous Vampire Valley near Vancouver.

When the school bus turned up (a Volvo multi-valve) the driver refused to let us venture on board because Veronica and Esmeralda ate yesterdays driver with a small glass of Vermouth leaving only his blood stained vest and the VISOR from his Univeral Bus  Company hat. Victor said he was not walking after the troubles of the torrid tundra. So Vincent said we could get to school in the Vicars Van, but I did point out that the vicar was in cahoots with the unscrupulous little old ladies. Once it was put to the Vote though we went round to the Vatican (sorry Vicarage) where we were met by the voices of virulent vigilante vengeful unscrupulous little old ladies who screamed violently and with venom “KILL THE UNDEAD”. We did shout back “We are not the UNDEAD we are the Venomous Voodoo Vampire Vultures” but the Vicar then said “My God there are Vultures in the Vaults” and fired a volley from his twelve bore at us.  We made it to school in the end, and concluded a variety of lessons, but I feel I have reached the appropriate volume of words for today so I will vanish.

Oooooo by the way the Ghost Writer has to go to Ystradgynlais in South Wales to fix computers tomorrow and has said I can go with him if it helps with a Y day but it is the wrong day………… Typical.



  1. I think it is Vivaldi's Four Seasons that I like reaLLy weLL. I reaLLy like Chi-cow-ski's Violin Concerto in D Major, it is one of my aLL time favorites, especiaLLy when Itzsak Perlman performs it, [magical]

    1. I was in a bit of a Haze there for a minute with all that Itzak ..... Until a Shaft of light illuminated things

  2. Unfortunately, your message got lost amongst words starting with W. Blog on!