Sunday, 22 April 2012

The SUN on SUNDAY the letter S (part2)

The Sun on Sunday an interlude....... I refer to the big orange ball in the sky not the suspect Muck Doc (Sorry Newspaper), which I am not allowed to read. Apparently according to Mr Smith the newspaper Sold its Soul to Saturn or at least the Staff did, which at first I thought sounded Well Cool, but It SEEMS that they sneak up on unsuspecting people and hack them to death and put all the peaces in   Newspapers.

I suspect it is a sneaky plan by the alien invaders from Saturn to substitute some of the worlds population with Saturnians ? (or something like that). I do have to say, some of their choices for SUBSTITUTION are suspicious if not silly.

AH..............OK Mum has explained I have assumed the wrong hacked as well as misheard Mr Smith he said they had sold their Souls to Satan. It appears the Soles that get put in the newspaper are deep dried and sold with chips and sprinkled in salt. ........ YUM  

Oooooo yes it was a sunny day by the way that was what I was going to say (write)


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