Tuesday, 24 April 2012


OK it's the U letter and as I was, and still am uninspired and unsure of whether to raise the Undead again I thought I would allow all the pupils on the old utilitarian  School bus to discuss the options and vote. It seemed like the best option for a United approach. Unfortunately the old Utilitarian School bus  stopped in an Underpass, The driver said it was due to an UNOFFICIAL Strike by the union unlashing unilateral forces on the Universal Bus Company for their unprincipled USE of Unmanned Busses in Urban environments which had unsettled the union. He said he thought we would all understand and unite behind the uprising.

Unfortunately we had already decided to be the Unsocial Unforgiving UNEXPURGATED Undead, although Frank said he was an Undertaker but that was because he had been Coughing a lot on the Bus (COFFIN …….HAHAH hah ha hhah hah hahh hah hah ha hha hah haha h). Esmeralda whose Uncle Sam is a Director of the Univeral Bus Company UNBUCKLED her  seat belt and said she was going to eat the driver, who found himself under attack from the Undead in an unrelenting UNVERSED attack.

Unbeliveably on the other side of the underpass was a pensioner’s coach trip to the Utopia Shopping Centre. Esmeralda was undeterred until a gang of UNSCRUPULOUS little old ladies in the other coach screamed at US saying “IT’S THE UNBELIEVERS, THE UNSEEN, UNKEMPT UNDERCLASS’S KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE AS VAMPIRES”.  And we all thought Oh No not again it cant be; but yes they said it KILL THE VAMPIRES. And we shouted back NO we are not Vampires we are the UNDEAD and an UNDERTAKER.  Strangely this time it UNEXPECTEDLY unsettled the UNSCRUPULOUS little old ladies in the other coach, it appears that little old ladies will do their utmost to avoid the untimely arrival of an unwanted Undertaker. So when Frank (the Undertaker) waved his tape measure at them and started writing down measurements, it resulted in ultrahigh screaming and an untidy exit by the  UNSCRUPULOUS little old ladies as they upturned an unmarked police car in their urge to escape. The rest of the day was uninteresting and unworthy of mention which is a slightly underhand way of saying I give up. ……… 



  1. Untidy exit at the sight of the tape measure!

    1. Not as inspired as it may appear, because in a little village near by is an Undertaker, who has a bit of a reputation for measuring up the locals when they stop to chat. So anyone feeling ill or elderly tends to runaway when they see him.

      He is now getting on a bit himself and I think his son now stalks him with a tape measure.

  2. Undead, good choice! U was difficult!
    Following #48

    1. Thank you for following. But not much of what I write makes sense, but then that is what life is like