Wednesday, 13 July 2011

social-economic transitions and cultural developments. Seagulls and Pirates

It was non uniform day today. So all the teachers came dressed as pirates, I knew they would they say they are hoping to take The Black Swan out to the Black Sea during the holidays and hunt for monsters and have interesting adventures of swashbuckling. Anyway they spent the day swashbuckling in gymnasium where there are lots of ropes to climb and cannons to fire at seagulls and ravens.

The headmaster decided he was going to dress as the Lone Ranger, I did ask him several times but he kept saying I have lost Silver kemosabe we must follow the trail. So what with the pirates firing cannon at ravens in the gym and hunting gold and The Lone Ranger hunting silver it was very difficult for the pupils to do their school work.

We were working on a thesis involving the relationship between the western industrial countries and the emerging countries of the third world and social-economic transitions and how the cultural developments of countries such as China and India reflect in the every day culture of Britain and projecting this into the future.  Well we were doing that until a pirate riding a white horse rode through the class room followed by the headmaster running as fast as he could demanding his horse back. And a flock of frightened seagulls evading cannon fire from the gym.

After that we thought the best thing to do was lay siege to the gym and do battle with the pirates in order that we could save the ravens and seagulls. It might have been a much easier task if the ravens and seagulls had not spent so much time fighting each other. And they stole Frank’s fish and chips so he deserted to the pirates. As john said you try and help seagulls and what do they do nick your dinner.

In the end the school bus turned up so we all went home but at least it gave us the solution to our thesis on the social economic power struggles between the emerging and established industrial cultures. They will all end up fighting over ravens and seagulls (sorry oil and water); until someone with a big bus says its home time.  I showed our thesis of world economics and stuff to dad when I got home which he read with interest but he asked me what happened to the horse. Mum said IDIOT I think she means dad not the horse; it was quite a clever horse it could count to five. The dog has just said IDIOT now I think he means the horse.

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