Monday, 25 July 2011

A parallel multi-universe, Miss Fionaski the famous Russian spy and Ant Day

What a strange world we all live in, but as I have said before I have the advantage that no one gets hurt in mine and although they come and go and get squashed or eaten by huge creatures in the woods at night, AH (I don’t think that has happened yet has it).  But fundamentally everyone is OK in my world, which sadly is much less clear cut in the real world.

However the Ghost Writer says it is possible and very likely that his world (Yours) is a multi-dimensional one, far more complex than people can comprehend (with the exception of the dog) and that it is not beyond the possibility that everyone will end up in my world. After all as he says once a world exists in any form even in the mind. Who is to say that it therefore can not exist in any dimension? So I am as real as the ghost writer at some point in time and space, in a parallel multi-universe. Of course as mum points out if that is true and it all went slightly wrong for the Ghost Writer he could end up in a Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men world or even worse I could end up in a Harry Potter Sequel when he’s seventy three and is head whizo at Hogworts with the big pointy hat giving out points like Nelson Beelzebub does.

See how kind I am I have just given then a whole new angle to run off another six books and make a fortune in the movie game and will they thank me NO. I still haven’t heard a word from that nice Mr Steven Spielberg yet. I am sure he can’t be that busy after all he is in Hollywood not Bollywood where they run off films at twenty eight a week to keep the punters happy. Maybe I should get Bollywood to make the movie it would be full of dancing and songs then and there could be mechanical elephants in it and stuff like that and we would get curry after filming at night YUM (that may not be true and just the stereo-typical western ghost writer being stereo-typical).

Just in case your wondering the Ghost Writer was in the grey office today so that’s why we are all grumbling it has been a nice sunny day and I am expecting Jim to turn up in the next couple of days to go exploring in the woods (where someone might be eaten by a huge beast in the night……….YAHHHH). Mum just said IDIOT (me not the huge beast I think).

Finally I must add that Miss Fionaski the famous Russian spy  has informed me it is Ant Day in Montgomery. So it is off on the ant hunt tonight in the woods looking for ants. And the Ghost Writer would like to add flobalob alob alob flob ……………. Weeeeeeeeeeed. Well there is only one word that sums that up and we all know what it is.

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