Sunday, 24 July 2011

A herd of steam driven things and a hitch hiking Squirrel

What a lovely day it felt just like summer. Bit of a shock really but the law of averages and dimensioning exponentials when taking into account random elements such as that butterfly in the rain forest; that keeps starting all the storms in the Northern hemisphere. Would suggest that we should manage at least two or three days without rain. 

Punctuation has gone completely to pieces there but no one will notice in the movie, although they might in the book. Mum says most people don’t understand punctuation anymore, certainly me and the Ghost Writer don’t have a clue we just stick things in periodically. Mum said IDIOTS, the dog is now asking me about the periodic table and why am I doing physics and chemistry on my holiday when it’s sunny. NOT FAIR. I’m confused now.

I helped dad in the garden today we had a good tidy up and put some of Pirate Pete’s Steam powered things in the workshop because they were starting to form a herd and were moving round the garden eating the grass and hissing and whining and stuff. It was quite useful not having to cut the grass but mum objected to them eating all the flowers and shrubs. Pirate Pete says they were all proto-types for his own stream powered parrot since he is not allowed to have Captain Flint the parrot. He has not built the final version yet so we all await with interest as some of the proto-types are six feet tall and must weigh at least three tons.

We hade a takeaway curry on the patio tonight as it is still warm with loads of Moroccan lanterns and candles (We didn’t eat the lanterns and candles) so it looked very cool. And we saw a happy looking squirrel on the road just outside the house when we picked up the takeaway; I think he was hitch hiking. The dog said the squirrel must be nuts to hitch hike these days but then fell about laughing. Mum said IDIOT but I don’t really know if she means the squirrel or the dog.   

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