Thursday, 14 July 2011

The last day of school, the teachers and the goat.

Last day at school today. The teachers spent the day running up and down the corridors waving their hands about shouting no school no pupils for eight whole weeks. Mr Clark was the only one who was a bit subdued but he has nine children so he says its worse at home sometimes....... like when they go to the coast in the minivan with all the kids shouting are we there yet all at the same time.

Schools out for image to view

Anyway the pupils tidied the corridors and organized the library made sure all the windows were closed. Got the schools lucky mascot, the goat off the school roof and made sure it was picked up for its summer vocation at Goat World or is it The World Of Goats. Made sure the slithery thing in the cellar had enough food and checked that the school cook, Mr Oliver was not stock piling all those nasty healthy things like vegetables in the freezer. Luckily he seems to have had a bit of a change of heart lately and we found him making triple cheeseburgers with chips and extra bacon for himself and the teachers.

The headmaster has tidied his desk and at the end of the school day we all watched him lower the school flag on the flag pole then everyone ran away cheering.

So as from tomorrow it is the start of the school holidays when some pupils will say to their mums I’m bored now. I have been banned from saying that, or mum said she will throw me in The Pit Of Doom with the crumbling (no that’s not right), the Grumbling Child so I must find lots to do. The dog says he has a list and plans to ensure I do everything on it. But as you know we have discussed lists before and we all know they never work.

The first thing on the agenda is a spy mission that mum has to do so I may be away for a few days next week while we travel undercover. It is very secret and so I have been told not to say a word…… AH. Mum just said IDIOT.  The plan is that they will be like Agatha Christies missing days. Mum is saying IDIOT again and is talking about PLAN B. Not sure what happened to PLAN A, mum said it again now. 

 Herbie Hancock - Jazz Fusion Cantelope Island

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