Sunday, 31 July 2011

The African Queen, Captain Flint the Parrot and the supermarket.

Are not computers complex beasts; and as someone who lives inside the universe of cyberspace, the space created within the complex structure that computers create when all linked together then I do think I am in a good position to judge. It is all a bit like Doctor Who really where the space in the box is greater than the external physical dimensions of the box.

The Einstein Cube is all a bit like that too and as I said a long time ago it achieves all this by being a seven sided cube allowing it to exist within parallel universes although not yours (as in you the readers, unless you are reading in my universe, which is even a more complex story).  Still I don’t use it much I am quite happy to walk to most places or go in the car and the like.

After the preview last night at Napoleon Beelzebub’s Very Strange Victorian Curiosity Shop it has been very quiet today, I think part of the reason is it is Hot and close and muggy so it is quite difficult to move about. It’s a bit like being on the boat in the movie The African Queen only without water or boats or Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn and leaches and hippos although Captain Flint the Parrot says he saw The African Queen once when she was walking through the big shopping centre. Mum told Captain Flint he was an Idiot, not a good move because Captain Flint then repeats this for at least an hour. So all afternoon we have had the parrot shouting. Pieces of eight, Polly’s an Idiot HAR HAR HAR HAR Hardy HAR. Things go better with coke particularly the african Queen. stoke the boiler, watch out for hippo’s ……………… hahhahahhhhar har.

As we all know today is the day before tomorrow and we all know what happens tomorrow don’t we? Mmmmmmm to tell the truth I’m not sure I do so I will let you know tomorrow night. It may involve mutant radio active ants and spies confused by long periods of time dressed as detectives from the world of fiction and a steam powered recycling bug that fell over when its front legs slipped on oil at the edge of the inspection pit in the garage. On the other hand it might be a nice peaceful day. Mr Jenkins just shouted Hooray. But mum has said IDIOT

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