Friday, 22 July 2011

Polish Cats, Polecats, obscure film festivals and Channel Four

Sooty is so pleased to be back he is driving everyone mad still. Everyone except Heavy Harry the Cat is trying to be nice to him but it is not always easy. For example Sooty has insisted in writing something in my diary to say he is really pleased to be home so here it is ........ Fdkjwod fowofo bflblle who eur  og ;gghtewfjsdjfjfj fjggsdgjgjdjgh fish  welweeiidsflkfj j j j and affn milk.

I have told Sooty that it is not easy to read but he says it’s written in Cat. The dog recons he’s using Welsh Cat and getting mixed up with Polish Cat. Well I didn’t even know there were any Polish cats about but the dog said he was very sorry and he meant Polecat. I  am even more confused now because I don’t know if the dog means a Polish Polecat or a Welsh Polecat, anyway one thing I do I know is that it is rather a niche market. If that very nice Steven Spielberg makes a film aimed at the Polish or Welsh Polecat audience then it will only be shown at obscure film festivals and on Channel Four at three in the morning with subtitles or children’s TV at 4:00pm on Tuesdays.

The weather was a right mix today sun, rain sun, rain so it has been very hot or torrential rain most of the day so every time I went outside to do things I needed to go back in, I really did not fancy getting wet today. I spoke to the Ghost Writer again today and he is still grumbling about going to work when he is on holiday but on the positive side he is finally correcting the errors in the manuscript that the proof reader found in the first 120 pages or so. It is up too 240 pages now and turning into war and peace although there are no wars and not much peace.

I know that Jim is due back from Hollywood very soon to explore the woods and Mercedes and Mr Pickup are coming to stay with Mr Jenkins next door for a while in what will be the grand finally of the first book where our epic adventure will end with a nice picnic and a cup of tea. Dam I have given away the end now….. Mum has just said the magic word again.............................IDIOT

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