Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Poetry for the letter J

OK I forgot to draw a picture, but here is a photo I took of some tiny beasts in a rock pool by the sea. I dont know what they are but they were weird little critters a bit like myself HAH AHha ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ha ha hah h ah ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha hah ah 

Is that a beast that jumps?
Off small twigs and hilly lumps
And then jiggles about in a strange jiggly way
Quietly trying to pass the day

Well if it is, said my friend
There is only one thing I can do
And with that my friend
Stamped on the Jumping beast
And squashed it

With his shoe


  1. Those critters, whatever they are, make a rather stunning picture. If I were by the rock pool, I would gaze at them in a whimsical manner thinking, oh how cute. And then I would pour some gasoline on them and set them alight. I sodding hate critters, even if they do make a lovely picture.

    1. Miss Lily one day critters like this will rule the world, but until then . . . . . . . . . .

      OK lets torch them

  2. Poor beast. Why must we crush anything that looks weird?

    1. We dont always crush them sometimes we eat them.