Thursday, 7 April 2016

Poetry for Flamingoes

The flamboyant Flamingo
Which is rather bright pink?
As a result of its Diet
So I’ve heard sort of, I think
Will stand on one leg
In a herd for many many days
Perfectly still in a trance like haze
And they do like to eat
Shrimp chocolate and nuts
And hide on the beach
In Victorian beach huts
And will sing songs
By Abba after a drink or two
And wash their feet
Once a week
Like us chaps like to do
Although I do like to keep my socks on

Unlike Flamingos who don’t wear socks


  1. I do love Flamingoes...but I couldn't eat a whole one. And why are Buffalo wings called Buffalo wings when we all know very well that they don't have wings? Makes me glad I'm a vegetarian.

    1. WHAT buffalo dont have wings . . . .DAMN, that is the last time I listen to the vicar he said they do. Although to be fair he did say only after they were dead.

      Mrs Ghost Writer is glad she is a vegetarian. I am a vegetarian by proxy as I only eat animals that eat vegetation (mainly) . . . OK there was the lion and the snow leopard but I only nibbled them a bit round the edges.

  2. Victorian beach huts and songs by Abba--quite a wonderland your flamingos live in!

    1. Indeed, it is a wonderland of slightly bad poetry. . . . .