Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Poetry for a belligerent swarm of bees (or the letter Q)

Behold the quadrilateral and its corners and lack of curves
Speculate on the quintessential and how it turns and flows
Celebrate the quadrangle with some algebra and cheese
And with some quadraphonic music you can confuse
A large and belligerent swarm of bees
Quantify your poetry
With some quality, and pursue your personal Quest
And if you want to know who writes the strangest poetry
I think you will find it is me
Cos I’m the Best.

The End



  1. Math in poetry--yes! Love it. Cos for cosign? And yes, you do write the strangest poetry, but that's a good thing.

    1. The Strange poetry will hopefully get a bit stranger yet. I think I am starting to lose the plot on this A to Z so weird poetry should keep the mind a bit more focused. At least I have nearly finished writing it all which means I get to tweak it a bit if I feel like it.

      Cos for Cosign DAMN never thought of than, it was more Cos fore Cos as in Because; or as we say in Britain Cos.

      It was a very sunny day in Britain today allowing me to get a Tan . . . . HAH AHAh a haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha a

  2. Even though I didn't understand a word of it, (remember, numbers make my head implode) I rather enjoyed this.
    Not long to go now Mr Z. Only another million to least that's what it feels like.

    1. Miss Lily if it makes you feel better I did not understand a word of it either and I wrote it so its OK. Indeed not long to go PHEW.