Wednesday, 16 December 2015

One small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Christmas

Yesterday I started to write my post for the day letting the world know what I was up too, only before I finished it I sort of came to a grinding halt. Life is like that ups and downs and stuff to do and then sometimes as happened yesterday you have a little break and that’s it you never get back to the task you started. I am a bit like that at times and easily distracted, although last night I was just tired. . . . I think it’s this bug that is still lurking about inside me and messing with my mind. . . . . . .

Anyway here is what I wrote

 Well the chap who I was making the Top Hat and Skull Mask for was unable to get home in time for us to meet up last night. It appears he was trapped on a motorway near Leeds for about six hours so was rather tired when he finally got home. But he popped round to see me this morning as I needed to check the hat fitted before I continued it. Well it was a perfect fit, now how cool is that, and it meant I was able to finish making it today which is very hunky dory indeed  and I will be delivering it to him on Thursday.  One thing that I noticed though is that the skull sits perfectly on the front of the hat which in turn has given me an idea to make something rather special for myself. I don’t often make anything for me, but if I get my act together I reckon this will be an awesome little bit of hat come mask and a must for scaring little old ladies in the middle of the night or folk on the train. . . . . OK I don’t go on the train any more but that is a minor issue. . . .
 . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

OK that was yesterday and today is today, so far I have moved a table pulled out a few dead plants that needed pulling out of the garden, (it is NOT RAINING) had a bit of a battle with a huge flock of maggots in the green waste bin. This is what happens when it has not been put out for a few weeks, I normally hose it out after but these small beasts have taken it over and so I need to evict them to avoid screaming bin men in the morning at the top of the drive. They may not be quite as hardy as myself (the bin men not the maggots) as I will fight most beasts from maggots, slugs, snails, banshees and werewolves and the odd passing possessed vampire goat.

I also have Christmas things to do before Christmas as well as lights and decs to put up and turn things sparkly so that small children and adults all go OOOOOoooooooooo and leap about among the holly. In fact holly is my next task, but what I want to know is why did we pick on a plant that was so damn spiky, it attacks me every year going up and then does the same coming down. Even my faithful cactus’szszsssssszzzzzz don’t do that although I don’t try and hang them in the corners of rooms or over picture frames. . . I am not entirely mad.

OK that’s it Off I go . . .  I will be jolly and say Ho Ho Ho a lot to confuse the bird population who are trying to bankrupt us by eating huge amounts of nuts and seeds, I think nuts are seeds but I guess you know what I mean.

 OK its much later now and I am finishing the post and will be eating shortly, I am doing the man thing of doing something which may not entirely appear productive (this Blog) while my evening meal is being cooked for me. Us chaps can be a bit like that but I am better at putting fairy lights up that cooking. (honest) . . . No its true and my veggie cooking skills are rubbish . . . . . apparently deep fried Mars Bars don’t count. 

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