Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A rhyming Fairytale about a Princess, a Witch and the Sea

Once upon a time
A Princess and a Witch
Sailed across the Sea
To Switzerland
To make their fortune
And become very very Rich
They ate Cream Cheese
And Chocolate Cake
And Curried Walnuts
Deep fried Haggis
And Crispy . . . .  Honey Bees
And plucked the Hairs
Off their Knees
Which they put in their Chip buttiiieeeezzzzzzz
It was then all washed down
With Ginger Beer
Which was a
Foolish and
Terrible mistake
The Witch got all grumpy
And the Princess Shouted
I’m in Charge; I have the Royal Garden Rake.
Well the Witch
Was rather unimpressed
And tying the Princess to the mast
Said . . “You my dear are doomed
To a life upon a Stormy Sea”
“With a terrible spell that I have cast”
And she cackled HAH HA he he 

So the witch ran off to Switzerland
Leaving the Princess
Out at Sea
When what should pass
But a handsome Flying Fish
Who kissed the Princess?
On the off chance
Just to see
Well in a flash the Princess
Turned into a sparkling Halibut
And then they

leapt into the waves
And deep below
Played all day 
in the
Subterranean Caves

And everyone lived
Happily ever after.

The END 


  1. But did they all live happily ever after?
    Does anyone go back and check the relationship status of these mythical folk?
    Do I have far too much time on my hands to be asking such foolish questions?
    The answer is yes.

    1. Its all a matter of Scale Miss Lily. . . . . I should really have ended that with. . . Fin . . .