Sunday, 6 December 2015

A politically incorrect Poem about Superman . . . . A bit

This is not Superman
But he might be hiding inside

Kryptonite or so they say
Will make Superman
Run away
But I have nearly always found
Wearing a pink spotty leotard
And a feather bower
Means he really
Does not want to hang around
And if you put your hand
On his knee
I can guarantee
A bit of Panic you will see
As he makes excuses
Such as going to save a plane
Or maybe a speeding express train
As he leaps up in a Macho Way
To ensure he does not look to gay
But then he does
Wear his undies on the outside
A place where undies are hard to hide
And I did notice recently in a texxxxxxxxta
He has been seen with Batman
Who wears a lot of?
Latexxxxxx . . . . AH

I don’t think this is non PC
But I get confused sometimes a bit 
You know times change

If it is a bit non PC . . . . DAMN . . . Sorry

Please note no leotards were worn in the writing of this Poem (or feather bowers) . . . Well not by me. But I dont know what that superman has been up too?     


  1. Yes I know that last bit is a bit dodgy as it does not entirely rhyme, but its the thought that counts.

    Rob that is a rubbish excuse for rubbish

    Look its not easy doing this just off the hoof so to speak a chap need time to write poetry proper like

    You mean like proper poetry


    You dont see that Poet laundrette person writing stuff every day

    Thats true . . . dont you mean Poet Laureate rather than Poet laundrette person

    I dont think so I have seen them there reading their poetry

    WHAT?. . . where?

    The Laundrette

    What . . . . . Folk are going to think you are mad again Rob.

  2. It's not just Superman who makes excuses about saving planes and trains when I perchance, happened to place my hand upon a knee...sodding men...

    1. The TV actress Christine Bottomley Once copped a feel of my knee (the left one) in a Manchester bar called Troff.

      True story.

    2. Mr H she probably thought you were Superman . . . She is as blind as a bat without her glasses . . . . . . HAH AH AH HAHAh ah ah ah ah ah haha ha hah ah ah aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Indeed Miss Lily Men are Rubbish or Mad. . . .Guess which one I am.

  3. My first visual before reading, I thought it might be a Christmas tree you were building there. It turned out to be a poet tree.