Saturday, 20 July 2013

Spiders and Hotels

I am back with some time to write (I think) as you know we have been off at the funeral of Miss A, and Mr F has come across to spend the weekend. While we were away we spent two nights at a Premier Inn which had two slight problems. One the bar and restaurant were full of noisy morons all evening and the car park seemed to turn into somewhere for boy races to pretend to be IDIOTS which they did very well, and the food was as far as we were concerned rubbish, no I mean really rubbish; I have never had fish and chips before that tastes of nothing. The up side to this was that on the second night we found a WELL COOL Indian restaurant in an old church that did great food and was also cool (as in not hot).  The Funeral all went to plan although we did get lost between the church and the crematorium but luckily found it after a slight detour and as we were travelling faster than the hearse we were able to tuck ourselves in behind it as if nothing had happened.  As we left the crematorium which as it happened was an interesting building the next funeral was entering and I have to say I have never seen that many folk at a funeral before and I reckon there was no way they were all going to get into the building because there were hundreds of cars queued out onto the main road and off round the corner.

When we got back home all was as it should be and no Zombies had invaded the house, it can be dead annoying after a long hot and tiring trip along the motorway to spend time fighting zombies and other monsters. Mind you I did find a strange spider in the fruit cage that had made a large silk den using leaves that was full of tiny spiders, I assume they were its young although despite me asking none of them would talk and point blank refused to respond to any questions what so ever. OK I am off again now as I have things to do . . . . . . . It is getting a right old game all these things to do all the time ……………….


  1. I wiLL have to see what kind of Indian restaurants are nearby in AmariLLo.

  2. Spiders are notorious liars, always spinning you a thread...

    Glad to have you Mr Rob.