Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The unpredictable as predicted by time travel and a stick

Today has been a terrible day for the writer of a diary (me), there I was helping dad with some adjustments on his latest steam powered machine. He is working on an unpredictable machine; the idea is that in a world full of what appears to be predictable events, his machine would improve the possibility of the unpredictable. We have to be cautious about what we say according to mum because dads invention sounds a bit like that idea invented by the chap who wrote The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. However there are two fundamental differences between dads steam powered machine and the one in the book, firstly dad’s machine is in his garage and secondly is no longer works (well it is sort of lost) after the accident this morning where dad and I were looking at it and I prodded it a bit with a stick. This would not normally cause any problems except that in what appeared to be an unpredictable outcome to being popped by a stick I was catapulted through time to tonight.

O yes that sounds exciting but one minute I was standing prodding a machine in the morning then the next thing I am at the end of the day and its time for bed, this is a disaster because I can not write about a day in my diary I have totally missed. And to make matters even more worse than that, yes that may not sound good use of English but when they get worse than worse it is terrible so what is worse than terrible is leaping in time past all my meals arriving at a glass of milk to take to bed. . . . . . .DAMN.

Dad is gutted because as I leap forward in time his machine in what dad says is something that must happen in order for the universe to maintain balance leap backwards into the past. Dad did say that he remembered it turning up a couple of weeks ago and did wonder where it came from because he did not remember making it. At the time he thought it must be one of his steam powered machines because it had a stick poked in the side with my name on it. I think that must mean I have just lost my favourite stick to prod things with DAMN (again).

So its time to go to bed . . . . . . .DAMN  


  1. You reminded me just now that I helped build steam device once. It used high pressure steam and a pressure reliief valve as a temperature controller.

    1. Steam is a much underrated source of power used in many different ways. Just look at Nuclear Power Stations all they do is create loads of steam to turn turbines. So the most important part of the whole process that moves everything is steam. What we need to save the planet is more steam technology to improve the use of the steam as well as the technology to create it, every home or community should have its own steam generation system . . . .

    2. Crazy iPad lost my comment ...

    3. That is the sort of thing that will happen on a unpredictable machine.