Friday, 8 February 2013

Reaping revenge on the beasts who will remain nameless (horses) . . . . AH . DAMN

The grinding wheels of winter grind on although today was at least sunny, I ramble on yet again about weather because it appears it is going to rain or snow again for a few days. I think we may have reached the point were a psychological change in the way we all live may be needed,  things like going to work in a boat and wearing wet suits and keeping an inflatable boat under the stairs for emergencies.

Anyway onto the day, firstly I would like to say that sometime ago I did a lot of complaining about a certain animal that as far as I could tell was distracting that very nice Steven Spielberg from the making of a rather good film based on the diary of a certain person who will remain nameless because it was me  . . . . . . . AH DAMN.  At the time I did say that I would reap revenge on the said beasts, turn all such said beasts into mince meat and destroy the evidence by turning them into convenient meal sized packages, and in turn ruin their film careers, less Black Beauty more Burnt Burger. So I would just like to say I am innocent it has nothing to do with me. Lets face it, the very nice Steven Spielberg has been making films about Presidents of the USA and I can hardly go and make a convenient microwaveable dinner for two out of American presidents so I know when I am defeated by overwhelming odds.  

the man with no name

An old family friend called in today who we have not seen for ages so we chatted drank tea and ate lemon drizzle cake; yes it appears that cake is slowly taking on the name of the British Weather.  I do like lemon drizzle cake and as the weather is due to get worse it may be necessary to purchase a packet of Snowballs although with luck things will not get to the point we are buying iceberg lettuce, that would be terrible.

OK that’s it for tonight because it is. 



  1. Just out of curiousity Mr Rob Z, who would you get to play the role of Rob Z child of cyberspace, in a film based on the daily diaries of Rob Z child child of cyberspace and penned by you yourself, Rob Z?

    The little man and I also had Lemon Drizzle cake today, which was in fact yesterday, though I am writing in the present. :)

    1. Well I have always thought the best person to play me would need to be someone who is British and rather eccentric. In my opinion as me the person to play me should be David Tennant, as you are both Dr Who fans then I am sure you will understand my choice. I'm sure that along with the nice Steven Spielberg they would do a great job of the film.

      So now you have to decide who is going to play you two, I think it best that people get to choose their own actor. I will be telling this to the very nice Steven Spielberg when I see him for afternoon tea and shortcake biscuits . . . . .

    2. Tennant is a good choice. He certainly does eccentric well. I'm not sure who would play me. How about the lovely Thora Hird? Oops, no, she's no longer with us.

      It could only be Jessica Rabbit I suppose, in a mixture of live animation and real characters.

  2. We are on the same mental meal linkage: I ordered a salad from Jesus right before I read the word lettuce in your blog post. I am having a griLLed chicken salad.

    1. I would be quite happy with the grilled chicken salad I have just read your comment having finished a large bowl of soup to warm myself up, as it is rather cold and damp here (it is always cold and damp at present)